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Do you know when you laugh so hard you pee a little? My funny bone is acting up. I took advantage and made printable gift tags with a bit of humor. Plus, I’m sharing a funny story.

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I had a rough night.

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If you’re only interested in the gift tags, scroll on down.  Otherwise, you can read how my hot mess in the middle of the night story.

Mr. Peanut Gloves {why I have them}

I when to bed wearing Mr. Peanut gloves.

My Mr Peanut gloves

The gloves belong to a Mr. Peanut costume. Years ago, I worked for Planters Peanuts. Part of the job included setting up events for Mr. Peanut to hand out peanuts.

The costume included white dress gloves. After a day of handing out peanuts, those gloves became extremely dirty. After a few events, I ordered new gloves. One set of gloves I washed and kept instead of tossing.

Why I kept them & sometimes wear them to bed

Now when my hands become too dry from sawdust, flour, or old age, I apply lotion and sleep wearing Mr. Peanut gloves.  Sometimes I use apple cider vinegar instead of lotion.  If you don’t happen to have Mr. Peanut gloves, these cotton gloves will work.

Back to the rough night

I overate and went to bed with a full belly. At 1:00 in the morning, my legs bothered me.

Those commercials put thoughts in our heads, making us think we have strange ailments.

I pull open the drawer of the nightstand and grab some muscle cream. You know, the kind that starts cold and turns hot.

I headed to the bathroom, taking off the Mr. Peanut gloves.  Still, with the muscle cream and gloves in hand, I sat on the toilet.

I started putting on the cream while sitting on the toilet. When finished, I realized I should have put the Mr. Peanut gloves back on before using toilet paper!

Next, I remember the Tums in the medicine cabinet. I started to pop them in my mouth, forgetting I wear retainers. Again, forgetting to use the Mr. Peanut gloves.

I am crawling into bed, now putting the Mr. Peanut gloves back on, as the burning started from my ankles to my mouth.  

Now for your funny printable gift tags.

There are two pages for a total of 12 gift tags.  But you can print as many as you wish!

Tags on twine and packages

One sheet has red and white tags while the other sheet

Funny brown and black

has brown tags with black text.

Plus, NO EMAIL IS REQUIRED! Just click below and your download starts. WHY, because I hope you enjoy the funny story and tags and bookmark Country Design Style to come back for more fun, easy DIY and free printables!


If only I’d but the Mr. Peanut gloves back on after applying the muscle cream.  

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