Tiny Christmas Tree Ideas

Even if you’re planning a big tree these tiny Christmas tree ideas help create Christmas in other places in your home, apartment or RV.

How to Decorate a Tiny Christmas Tree

Add a strand of lights.  Just because it’s small doesn’t mean it doesn’t deserve a few lights.  Battery lights are perfect for tiny trees.

Keep ornaments and garland smaller, but go big if you wish on top. 

If you do add larger ornaments, hang fewer. 

Use a pine branch in a vase as a tiny tree.

Double up, or create a small forest of tiny trees.

Use a real tree and plant outside after the holidays.  

Cover your tiny tree.  Add a birdcage over the top or a glass cloche.

our tree in RV window
Our tree in 2019 with buffalo check and white

Theme your tiny tree

A kitchen counter tree with cookie cutter ornaments. 

Small bathroom tree with small wrapped soaps.

Add a small tree on the kid’s dresser with lots of colors and small toy ornaments.

Place your small tree in the centerpiece of your dining room table.  Use cookie ornaments as dessert. 

Ideas to top your tiny Christmas tree

White stained glass tree topper
  • Star – I’ve always liked stars as tree toppers. We found stained glass tree toppers in San Diego in 2019. They had them in various sizes. I bought the smallest. 😉 The star in 2018 at the top of the post, is a wood star I cut out with a jigsaw and painted white. I drilled a hole in the bottom, then stuck the top branch in the star.
  • Hat – Make a small Santa or top hat using felt and craft glue.
  • Clothespin – Clothespins come in all sizes and clip on the top of trees large and small. Many things can glue on a clothespin! I clipped on a childhood book one year on our large tree at home.
  • Light cluster – Gather a small strand of lights with cable ties or rubber bands and place them on the top for a bright glow. A friend did this one year and it was stunning.
  • Windmill – Go all farmhouse and add a windmill on top.
Close up of picture box

Ideas for the Base of your Tiny Christmas Tree

A tiny tree stands out with a great base. 

  • Wooden Box – Our tree is in a photo box.  The lid is open, and the tree sits inside. I found the box at the thrift store with photos. I kept the photos even though we have no idea who they are!!
  • Wicker Basket – If you have empty areas in the basket, fill with extra ornaments, or battery candles.
  • Picket Fence = Make a picket fence with popsicle sticks to go around your tree.
  • Tin Can – If your tiny has a wire or stick as the middle, add floral foam to an extra-large tin can for a casual farmhouse look.
  • Burlap – Place the tree in the center of a square or circle of burlap. Then gather it up around the bottom and tie with twine. You can age your burlap too.
  • Paper bag – Roll the top edge of a paper bag down, then et the tree inside. If you have youngsters around the house, have them decorate the bag first.
  • Vase – Use a vase or urn to hold your tree elegantly.

Here’s our tiny Christmas decor in the RV. 

Place along the bottom of the tv. 

Tiny Christmas lantern

A lantern full of Christmas on the collapsible coffee table. 

Tiny Christmas Sheigh

Wood and metal sleigh sit on the other side of the coffee table.  Until I fill it with Santa cookies. 

Tiny Christmas manger

Our manger scene is an ornament hanging from one kitchen cabinet knob. 

Tiny Christmas decor

Christmas is tucked here and there. 

Tiny Christmas wreath on RV

Outside we hung a wreath on the front of the RV.  It will come down before heading down the road.  No scratches on the paint.  

Tiny Christmas RV mirrors

A bit of Christmas hangs from each mirror. 

Tiny Christmas movie

One evening we gathered blankets, hot cocoa and the pups for an evening watching Christmas movies outside.  On the winter solstice night.  We watched The Holiday Calendar.

Winter Solstice Moon

The moon was magical.  

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