Three French Hens and the Hen that made me!

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Three French Hens…and the Hen that made me!

Yep, I can attribute most of my DIY to a hen!  A little red hen.

So, when I was scheduled to do 12 days of Christmas tour I was dancing around the house when I got number 3!  The Three French Hens.

As well, I’m thrilled to be part of such a talented group of DIY home bloggers who are kind and let me join them on our blog tours.

Three French Hens

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Now on to me dancing around the house!



I’m of the generation that learned to read with Dick and Jane.  I couldn’t read a bit when I started school.  But there was one book I knew backward and forwards, upside down and in the tub.    My grandfather read “The Little Red Hen” to me a thousand times.  If you don’t know the little red hen, it’s an incredible story of the journey of a little red hen that does it herself.

The original DIYer!

The barnyard animals came alive as my grandpa read.  He could mimic the animals sounds perfect.  After all, he was an expert being a farmer and all!

I love that the little red hen could do it all!

All these years later, I never realized just how much the book influence me until Mike pointed it out.  I tend to not want help. :/


That includes making three French hens.  Plus learning to draw with the computer.  There is a free printable download of my hen drawing at the bottom of the post.

If you want to join the little red hen DIY club too!

The Steps


I took my drawing and used carbon paper to transfer my drawing three times onto a scrap board.


I cut them out with a jigsaw.  One of the hens lost her head.  Oh well, broken pieces mend stronger.  A dollop of wood glue and we move on.

The burlap hen


The one that lost her head gets a covering of burlap.  I used antique Mod Podge to apply with burlap.  The only reason I used the antique was I could not get the top off the regular Mod Podge…and I’m not going to ask for help! 🙂


After the Mod Podge dried, I used an exacto knife to cut the excess.

Aging the hens


All three hens were bathed in hot tea.  When dry, they were bathed in “ironed vinegar” to age the wood.



As you can guess, one of the hens had to be red!

The other hen was dry brushed with white.  I dry brushed the paint to show the aged wood.



The three French hens are sitting on a chest now, but when I get our Christmas tree up I wanted to sit them in the tree.  To do this I added a piece of wire to the back to hold them on tree branches.

I used the head of paper fastener brads for eyes.  A bit of Christmas greens and broken pieces of snowflakes make a wreath for around their necks.


So which one is your favorite?  Mine is the red one!


For the DIYer here’s your free printable hen download.

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  1. I am LOVING this so much! Adorable! I loved that book – and Dick and Jane too! I think the fact that you accidentally cut off one of the heads makes me love that one even more. Cracks me up – just like an egg! Haha. Bad pun…..

  2. Love the red hen too! This is such a cute idea and so creative! I think I need to ask my hubby for a jigsaw for Christmas, these would be so fun to make.

  3. These are ADORABLE! What a great creation. And “The Little Red Hen” was one of my very favorite books when I was a little girl. Now that I’m a 51-year-old mother of three red-headed men, I often feel like that little red hen! 🙂

    1. Feeling like a little red hen is a great thing! That hen did resonate with a lot of little girls. Thanks for visiting! Jeanette

  4. Andi Cacciatore says:

    Awww, I love chickens! I miss my “Chickens Cacciatore”, and this made me smile when you told the story of The Little Red Hen being the original DIYer! Though I’m transforming my space from an eclectic/country style into a Coastal/beach theme, I still have my wire chicken baskets with the empty eggs from my beloved chickens of years past. I like all of your colors, but I would have made at least one TURQUOISE!! Off to check out the other blogs now – thanks for the 3 French Hens!!

  5. Your french hens are perfect for Christmas! I like the burlap one the best! My aunt is chicken crazy and she would love a set of these. Thanks for sharing your pattern!

  6. chris aka monkey says:

    love love the story of the red hen and your grandfather…and your hens are adorably awesome i can use a jigsaw just need to get one again thanks for sharing xx

  7. How fun are your French hens!! They are adorable, and perfect for Christmas. You are so talented with yur jigsaw, Jeanette! I am SO impressed.
    Merry Christmas!

    1. Christy,
      I tell people, using woodworking tools are like using kitchen tools. If you can use a hand mixer with those beaters flying around you can use a jigsaw. This is another fun tour. Great to see the interpretations of the 12 days of Christmas. Can’t wait to see lords ah leaping! Jeanette

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