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Dried Paintbrush Star

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dried paintbrush starDried Paintbrush Star

Do you hate to clean paintbrushes?

My hand is raised!

It’s not so much that I don’t like to clean them.  It’s usually that I get so excited and busy with my project that stopping to clean my brush is not real high on my thingsIwanttodoatthatmoment!

I have a few good paintbrushes that I do clean and take care of properly.  Tip:  I wash my brushes with hair shampoo and conditioner.

Dried Paintbrushes

But most of the time I find a dollar store paintbrush works just fine.  When it’s time to clean up I pry my dried up paintbrush off the drop cloth.  Raise your hand if you’ve ever done that!  I see some hands going up.

Dried paintbrush star with lines

So, I decided it was time to do something with my “dead” paintbrushes.  I laid them in a star shape.  To get a basic 5 point star just imagine 5 lines laid out like above.

Dead Paintbrush Star-2I then fired up the hot glue gun and glue the brushes end to end.  Some were dried brushes to dried brushes and some….

Dead Paintbrush Star

were handle to dried brushes.  The hole in the handle makes a perfect way to hang the star.

12 Days of Christmas Craft Room

The dried paintbrush star in hanging in my craft room for the holidays.  There is old springs from a bench with bulbs to form a Christmas tree and a clothespin star, plus a measuring tape star.  You can see more bits of whimsy in our 12 days of Christmas Home Tour.

Dried Paintbrush Star SQ

I have an idea to hang my dried “dead” paintbrushes along the top of a window in my little workshop

but first I have to put in a window!

Wonder if I can make a heart for Valentines Day?

Did I inspire you to stop cleaning your paintbrushes and make something?

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P.S. If you’re reading this you made it through the whole post.  You made my day!  Let’s be the best of friends. 😊


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    1. May says

      My husband is constantly on my case because I just can not get brushes as clean as he does. Now I can tell him there is a method to my madness. I am just getting materials ready for a project, honey!

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