Handpainted Plaid Clay Pot

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Handpainted Plaid – Remember coloring as a kid? The smell of the crayons when you open the cigar box. All the fantastic possibilities pop into your head. This project reminds me of those rough pieces of crayon art.

closeup of plaid

I wanted soft plaid on a clay pot and almost used a piece of fabric to cover it. But the curves of a clay pot makes adding plaid fabric difficult. Click to see ideas for plaid fabric patterns.

I decided it would be faster to paint plaid on the pot. Yes, faster than trying to glue fabric to the cone shape.

Plus, I have tons of bottles of craft paint in tons of colors.

Why paint a clay pot

Clay pots accept paint well.
They are inexpensive.
The shape challenges the handpainted plaid lines. If you can paint plaid on a cone shape while you’re live on Facebook, well, you’re nuts. That’s me.

me holding clay pot

Tips for making handpainted plaid

Have paintbrushes in different widths to make the lines of plaid.
Vertical lines go straight down the pot.
Use your pinky finger on the bottom of the pot to hold the distance.
Start painting the lines, and when you need extra paint, start the brush several inches ahead, then move the brush into the previous line of paint.

I picked these colors for my plaid because it reminded me of the plaid curtain between the living room and my grandparent’s bedroom. Yep, no door. Just a curtain.

To watch the live recorded video on Facebook click here.

Have you tried handpainting plaid?

Tag me on Instagram and show me your plaid.

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