Printable old wood tags

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You can spend a whole afternoon making tags, or you can spend 3 minutes creating these printable old wood tags.

collection of four of the eight tags with white wood and soft images.

This soft and pretty white wood printable tags are perfect for organizing and labeling or using as gift tags.

The free printable contains 8 totals hanging tags. Print on cardstock. Then use a hole punch and add a loop of twine. Cute farmhouse tags.

one of the eight total tag for printing

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Each of the eight tags is different. Print as many sheets of tags as you need.

I use this white brochure cardstock for a crisp image and bright tags.

This post is helpful if you need information on printing printables.

These free modern farmhouse style printables are frame-worthy if you’re interested.

all eight tags ready for printing.

Have you noticed to get a free printable you give up your email address?

Now I admit, I have printable that require an email address to download the printable. Those that took 3 days to create, I ask for an email to download.

But these pretty tags only took a couple of hours during a busy time of the day. You know those times, then the house is full of distractions. Two dogs that need a walk, someone that can’t find something, and that call you’ve been waiting on for two days finally came through.

In between all the activity, I made these pretty tags to share and no email required. But could you help walk the dogs?

Click to download your printable old wood tags.

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