A white wreath that’s easy to make

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This white wreath has three awesome things. One, it’s inexpensive. Two, it’s super duper easy to make. Three, it’s excellent in a bubble bath.

Close up of white wreath with bow

The supplies came from our local dollar store. Except I bought zip ties from Amazon.

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Supplies to gather

14-inch wire wreath frame
12 bath scrubbies or poufs
Small zip ties
Wire clippers or craft scissors

I have no idea how this wreath hopped in my head. My goal was to find a bath soap holder. One of those plastic containers to keep the bar of soap from getting gooey on the towel when it’s in the gym bag.

On the bottom shelf, I saw a scruffy pile of white. Bath scrubbies! How many would it take to make a wreath? A winter wreath of scruffy snow.

After laying out scrubbies on the floor in the circle, I decided it took 12.
I gathered up the bath pouf and added a wire wreath frame to my arms and headed for the checkout.

I couldn’t wait to start on the white winter wreath. The project is fast and easy when using small white cable ties.

Directions to make white wreath

At first, I planned to cut the ropes on each pouf or scrubbie, but I changed my mind and made sure the ropes were in the “front” of the pouf. That is if a pouf has a front!!

I thought it would be interesting to have the rope peek in and out of the nylon mesh.

white cable zip tie

Work from the backside of the wreath. Place a pouf or scrubbie under the wires. Run a cable tie between the wires, through the pouf and then back between the wires. Pull the cable tie tight. Then use the clippers or scissors to cut the end of the plastic.

Cutting cable zip tie end with wire cutters

Continue going around the wreath until full.

Flip over the wreath and puff out the poufs! {never thought I would say that}

Dollar store back scrubbies are not as full and more expensive poufs. But they puffed out okay. If you puff out too much, they might tear a bit. But with everything going on, you can’t tell.

I did add a couple of extra cable ties on some of the pouf along the inner and outer wires of the wreath frame. This held poufs in place.

Next, I made a super-duper easy bow for the wreath.

Easy Bow

Pieces of ribbon on craft table

Bow supplies for the wreath

Nine pieces of ribbon 6-inches long
Two white cable zip ties

Directions to make the bow

Measuring piece of ribbon to 6 inches

Cut “V” cuts into each end of the ribbon pieces.

nine pieces of ribbon with v shaped ends

Gather three and hold between your thumb and index finger in the middle of the ribbon. Gather three more the same way and hold tight. Then gather the last three ribbons.
Add the zip tie around the middle and pull tight.
Clip the end of the cable zip tie.

Close up of bow on wreath

Fan out the ends of the ribbons to form a circle. Use the other cable tie to hold in place on the white wreath.

square image of winter white wreath on wire frame


Here’s a junk wreath that’s a completely different look.

Do you say scrubbie or pouf?

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