Glass Lamp Base using a Wine Glass

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This idea came while cleaning out dining room cabinets. A mix-match of wine glasses and small lamp shades were stacked on the table with piles dishes and linens.

close up of wine glass with shade and candle
Something came over me and I placed a shade on the wine glass. Genius! Many times you can find a set of five or more small lampshades that came from chandeliers in thrift stores. I didn’t have that luck, but still, I like the mix of small shades I found. Let’s turn a wine glass into soft romantic lighting. Repurpose wine glass into illumination. 

Materials needed for a DIY glass lamp base

Wine glass Battery tea light Small chandelier lampshade  White craft paint Trim

How to clean a lampshade

clean white shade
First, decide if the lampshade is dusty, dirty, or stained.  Dusty lampshade clean well using a microfiber cloth or lint roller to trap and remove dust. The vacuum brush attachment works for light dust. Use a damp cloth to remove dirt. Start at the top of the shade and wipe down to the bottom.  Try to save a stained lampshade by cleaning with gentle dish soap or laundry detergent added to warm water. A little white vinegar helps to remove grime too. 

How to paint a lampshade 

Shade and trim
I like basic crisp white lampshades. If they become dull or I find the perfect shade in the thrift store, I refresh the lampshade using white spray paint. Spray lightly covering completely with several coats.  For an elegant look, spray the inside of the shades with gold or silver spray paint. 

Steps to make wine glass lights

trim for lampshade
Add trim to the bottom edge of the lampshade using white craft glue. Remember to use a glue that dries clear in case you over the glue.  You can paint the shade in a color to go with your tablescapes too. Drop a battery tea light in the wine glass. Add the shade, and you’re done. 
Lighting with wine glasses
I actually painted the trim instead of the shade. The trim was gold.  I painted it creamy white.  A collection of five or six down the center of the table is stunning. And you don’t have to hide the electrical cord. 

Ideas to make seasonal or holiday wine glass lights

Spray shades orange and add black trim with small pumpkins. Spray the inside of the shades with a cool blue and glue small seashells around the bottom. Cover the lampshade with bamboo for a tiki look. Cover the shade with burlap and rust the metal of a real tea light to hold the battery light.  Use a mason jar instead of a wine glass.  Add the felted candles I made. If you would rather buy a farmhouse glass lamp base with a white shade, I created a collection of my favorites in my Amazon Shop. Check them out here. This lamp shade cloche is a great idea for the globes of chandeliers.

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