Boho farmhouse tapestries – easy DIY project

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Get the look of tapestries in a boho farmhouse style in minutes instead of months. This is a great “use what you have” idea!

boho farmhouse tapestries

Did you listen to Carol King’s Tapestry album while feverishly making knots for a macrame wall hanging? Me too!

Remember how sore your fingertips would be?

I never made it to the owl tapestry level, but I did several starting with a stick.

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Otis’s Stick

Today’s wall hanging starts with a stick. A stick found by my best DIY buddy, Otis.

Video boho farmhouse tapestries tutorial

Making wall hanging live

I made the wall tapestry during a live picture in picture video.  Click to watch the full video.
It includes mistakes. But it was my first time using the program.  Next time, I’ll move the pole in the middle of my face.

And the text overlay.

Chalk Couture book page pieces

I did include book page Chalk Couture pieces in the hanging. If you don’t know what Chalk Couture is, click here.

This tapestry project reminds me of the falling leaves I do each year on our glass front door. 

Tapestry in minutes sq

Don’t you love “use what you have” projects? Even if you have to take the dog’s stick. 🙁

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