Embroidery Hoop Wreath and Ideas to Make them Gifts


Do you return home from shopping only to go back and get what you went to the store for?  Me too!  I wanted to create an embroidery hoop wreath…

Hanging hoop wreath over mantel

and forgot to buy the hoop.

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embroidery hoop

The only hoop the thrift store had was rather large!!

extra large embroidery hoop 26 inches

Make that 26 inches large.  A large oval embroidery hoop.

hook and thrift store haul

Those other things in the photo above are what I brought home the first time!  We will see them in future projects.

Do you have a thrift store shopping list?  I do and an embroidery hoop was on the list.

Supplies for embroidery hoop wreath

The supplies for the wreath

  • Any size embroidery hoop
  • Enough faux greens for along the edge
  • Twine
  • Scissors

extra large embroidery hoop

The steps

The steps are basic.  Lay the faux greens along one edge.  Then cut pieces of twine to tie the greens in place.  Done!

Ideas to make embroidery hoop wreaths for gifts

  • Tie on seasonal greens and elements like faux pine branches and jingle bells.
  • Tie or glue on small photo frames.
  • Add school supplies for teacher gifts.
  • Dot the wood hoop with essential oils.  Then tie the bottle of oils into the hoop.
  • Wrap a floral water pick in twine and add fresh greens or flowers.


hoop wreath

If you want to create several embroidery hoop wreaths you can find several sizes on Amazon.

3 hoops

Quick update:  I found two more hoops on my next thrift store run!  Heh, heh!

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  1. Andi Cacciatore says:

    I love the simplicity of that wreath! Of course I have a half a dozen large embroidery hoops in my stash from thrift shopping! – but not as large as yours! You’re solving all my gift giving problems with these great posts! – thank you 😊

    1. I so happy I could help. I’m working on more gift giving ideas. It’s the time of year to get them started so we can relax for the holiday season. Hugs!

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