Best of 2015 and the worst!

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The Best of 2015 and the Worst | Country Design Style |

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It’s close enough to the end of the year to share the Best of 2015 and the Worst!  Of course, I still have plenty of time to get in another worst! 😕

I’m picking the most popular and the most challenging, the easiest, and the most popular on HomeTalk.

Plus that worst project! 

Best of 2015 and the Worst!

Drum roll please!  This actually surprised me. :0

The Best of 2015 and the Worst | chalky-paint-ironed-vinegar-country-design-style

My “test” post trying to see the best way to paint over aged wood with chalky based type paints.

The Best of 2015 and the Worst | melted-crayon-christmas-tree | sq

My most challenging project in 2015 was trying to figure out how to get melted white crayon pieces to stick to burlap…because we all know how important THAT is!!  This is my “hardheaded” project.  Hardheaded because I wouldn’t give up until I figured out how to get it to work and have the look I wanted.  I spent days melting crayons with an iron, a hair blow dryer, and a hot glue gun and a craft gun.  I was getting hot!!  Finally I figured it out and made my White Crayon Tree on Burlap.

Of course, my first attempt was during a LIVE tutorial video. UGH!

The Best of 2015 and the Worst |

The easiest project was my Sweater Pumpkin in 5 minutes.  I even timed myself!  The sweater pumpkin is sitting out among our Christmas decorations!

The Best of 2105 and the Worst | Shaggy Rope Tree | Country Design Style |

This is by far my most popular project on HomeTalk!  I just added the project on Sunday and the Shaggy Tree has more positive comments than any other post.  My favorite comment, “It makes you say awwwww, you’re so cute, like a forlorn little puppy.”

The Best of 2105 and the Worst | Shaggy Rope Tree | Country Design Style |

So I had to take a picture of the little tree with our little forlorn puppy, Bella.  Trust me, she’s not forlorn in anyway other than her shaggy look.

The best of 2015 and the worst | summer-tin-can-banner-country-design-style-sq

For the bomb project…my tin can “summer” banner.  It wasn’t bad the first day, it was okay the second day, it was fine the third day, but by the forth day the spiders moved in.  Of course, I didn’t take it down for two weeks!  I couldn’t believe all the spiders that were left homeless. 🙁

Back to positive notes here’s the best happenings of 2015.

The website has more than tripled in size due to each one of you. <3
The readers that are “Finding the DIY in Them” has grown 600%.
Our Design Workshop DIYer’s has grown by 700%.  Wow!

Looking forward here’s plans for 2016.

The YouTube Country Design Style DIY channel will be adding weekly DIY tips videos.  Short, simple and to the point.
Live Periscope videos will continue adding a personal way for us to connect.
Vlogs will be added a couple of times each month to DIY posts.  Allowing you to “step” right into our home or the workshop.
More DIY projects with handy dandy printables for the instructions.
The Country Design Style Shop will finally have enough stock to open.  My elf has been slacking. 🙂

That’s the Best of 2015 and the Worst!

I’m am truly blessed.  Thank you.

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  1. Andi Cacciatore says:

    You’re the BEST and NEVER the worst at anything Jeanette! Have a truly blessed new year – can’t wait to see what your creative mind thinks up for us to learn how to make in 2016!!

    1. Thank you so very much Andi! I’m wishing you and your family a blessed new year. I can’t wait to see what I come up with next too! 😕

  2. I’ve been loving your posts! Especially the shaggy tree! 🙂

    I’m doing a roundup of jewelry organization ideas. I was searching your blog to see if you had any but I didn’t find anything. If you do have one that you’d let me include please send me a link!

    Thanks & keep up the hard work in 2016!

    1. Hi Ann, thank you so much for your compliment! You made my day! I will have a jewelry organization project that I’m starting as soon as the weather warms. It’s will be too late for your roundup. 🙁 I will pop over and check out the ideas. I’m sure I’ll get inspired. Right now my jewelry is jumbled up in a couple of drawers!

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