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My word for 2014.  Instead of a long list of resolutions that I will not accomplish, I started picking a word to focus on each year.

Have you tried a word instead of making a resolution that is forgotten about mid February?

Picking a word with meaning can help with many areas of life. I picked “Aware” and here’s why.

1. Aware of balance in life.  Balance of time spent on this box we call a computer.  Aware of the balance of work, family and home.

2. Aware of health and the foods I eat and how much I move.  Am I eating healthy and moving enough.  Time to walk the dogs!

Okay, I’m back.

3. Aware of family and friends.  Don’t miss important times spent enjoying, laughing and crying.  Aware of birthdays, anniversaries, and life’s celebrations and needs.

4. Aware of gratefulness.  Grateful for our wonderful life and the understand we never know where it will take us.  And that’s okay.

5. Aware of my charity and their current needs.

6. Aware of love.

In 2013 my word was unbox.  Strange I know but I want to open up creatively and personally.  I feel good about accomplishing unboxing.

I completely redid the website including renaming.  It was Homa Style.  I was always explaining the Homa.  Oh, it’s the last four letter in Oklahoma.  Plus a play on the word home.

At Country Design Style I share more of our home life, mistakes made, and the goofiness. {wow, that’s a word}

I joined a group of talented bloggers to share our best of 2013.  Being open and aware not all post or projects made any kind of “best” list.  So I thought I would share the top worse list of 2013.

So here are the top three worse visited, commented, and shared posts of 2013!

cable box

Number 3…Hide the cable box.  This post was moved over from Homa Style because it was a pretty good post over there.  Here are Country Design Style, it bombed!  Kind of sad about that one because the cable box is still on the mantel and used daily.  We love it.  Could be that in April I was still tweaking {tweaking not twerking} the website and didn’t really promote it much. 🙁

Easy Update Color Schemes

Number 2 was Easy Color Scheme updates.  This was a backward post in that the title came first.  I was playing around with blog post titles and what is actively searched.  Google has a site that lets you figure out what people type into the search box.  Guess I was wrong!  A total of 15 people view.  It is a cheesy post.  🙁


Dresser with Updated Knobs

Coming in the number 1 spot as the worse post.  Dresser with Updated Knobs!  This was almost the first post at Country Design Style.  I remember painting and repainting this little dresser and “designing” the new website in my head.  I don’t know if the post was boring, the pictures are not great.  In fact, in the picture above I kind of like the before on the left!  In person it does look better repainted.  Though I not sure about those rope knobs!  I know this little dresser will be redone again.

Hope I will be aware of past mistakes and work to always bring you great content, inspiring ideas, and fun easy projects with a laugh or two.

If I don’t, promise to let me know so I’m aware!

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  1. Okay personally I love the cable box I mean LOVE it. The dresser yeah love the before much better than the after. And my favorite after a few martinis I am sure you would be great at “twirking” 😉 rather then tweaking. lol.
    but anyway love your design style and always learning from you. Great inspiration.

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