Be Happy


Are you happy?  Today I’m sharing a simple printable that will put a smile on your face.  Let’s be happy.  Even if for a moment.

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I’m a happy person.

I’ve read books about finding happiness, watched movies about happiness and what about “happyness!”

I read Gretchen Reubens blog about happiness.  And sing a be “happy” song as loud as I can… when I’m alone in the car.

I tear out articles for magazines about happiness. One of those articles I miss placed but I still have a picture of it in my head. Today I re-created the article and am sharing a free download for you today.

I hope it makes you happy.

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Be Happy

With every new year a flood of ideas and thing that just seemed to need to be done hit.  Lose weight, get a new job, pay off debt are huge. But how about a few things the just make you happy. Below are a few things I’m striving for this year.  Simple!

If you’re wondering who is Gretchen Rubin just click here and learn more.

It’s stunning how much information books and study there is on being happy.

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I re-created that magazine article and made it into a free printable!  I did add my own things that make me happy and hope you find joy in it too. 🙂

Simply click below to get your free download instantly.  No email required.  My wish is you enjoy the printable and come back often.  Subscribers do have access to our printable library.  If you’re interested click to learn more. 



Be Happy | Country Design Style |

I created the free printable using some of my own drawings {frightening} and the graphics from Creative Market.  The creative market is my new obsession.  Each Monday I receive an email with six free graphics or fonts.  If you blog you will love it but if you do any work on the computer you will love it to0.

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Above is a small sample of the full-page graphic. Please let me know in comments if there is something that makes you happy that I left off the printable.

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