New Years Drink Recipes


Are you looking for New Years Eve drinks that double as dessert?  How about a crumbled snowball, a drunken snowman or a cookie perk-up?  Sharing these New Years drink recipes.

new years drink recipes crumbled snowball


Do you celebrate New Year’s?

We do…

by snoring through the fireworks, countdown, and kisses.

Yep, we’re boring past 8 pm.  Even on New Year’s Eve.

I will have a drink or two around 6 and make it a dessert drink!

New Years Drink Recipes

I spent the afternoon mixing drinks, taking pictures and drinking!!

Could I just take the pictures and dump the drinks.


So I waited a day or two before actually writing this post.  Now that I think about it, it might have helped my writing skills.

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Snowball crumble new years drink recipe | Country Design Style |

Crumbled Snowball

First, you will make the most delicious cookies!  Click here for your instant download for the Snowball cookie recipe.  They can be called “tea cookies” if you’re having the ladies over for a luncheon, or “wedding cookies” if you’re walking down the aisle.  Since it’s winter, they’re snowball cookies.  The download includes the drink recipes AND no email required.  I hope you enjoy the recipes and come back for a visit.  

Fill an old fashion glass with a shot of your favorite whiskey.  Add eggnog and stir.  Using a sharp knife cut a narrow “V” into snowball cookies.  Add the cookie to the rim of the glass.  Serve.  To drink, crumble the cookie on top.  The cookie floats on top of the eggnog.  You might need a spoon to get every last crumble of snowball.

RootBeer Float Dressed for New Years | Country Design Style |

Drunk Snowman

Using a tall glass add 3 round scoops of vanilla ice cream. {the snowman}  Next add root beer…slowly!  Then top with a dollop of whip cream.  Now for the “drunk” part…add a shot of RumChata over the top.  Serve with a long-handled spoon and a straw.  The root beer float just grew up! 🙂

New Years dessert drink recipe with coffee baileys and cookie crumbled on rim of cup. | Country Design Style |

Cookie Perk Up

Crumble a hazelnut cookie Creme De Pirouline Choc Hazelnut Cookies-32 oz into a small plate and top with chocolate sprinkles.  Add a tablespoon of sweetened evaporated milk onto another small plate.  Dip the rim of a coffee cup into the sweetened evaporated milk, and rotate the rim.  Then roll the rim through the cookies and sprinkles.  Add your favorite coffee and a splash or two of Baileys or amaretto.  Add an extra cookie to stir…and eat.

new years drink recipes crumbled snowball

Pin your favorite or all three to remember where you saw these yummy dessert drinks. 

Here’s the cookie recipe.  It’s really good….even without the eggnog and whiskey.

I hope you enjoy these dessert drinks & be safe!

Oh, Happy Birthday to my sisters!  Yep, I have twins sister’s born on December 31.  The whole world celebrates their birthday!

With fireworks!


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  1. These sound yummy, we’ll have to try them on New Years Eve.
    We celebrate the same way you do, much better than dealing with all the “revelers”.

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