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How long does it take you to decorate your Christmas tree?

I remember when my son and I could finish by the time our popcorn bowl was empty.

Now it takes 2 days.

It’s Saturday after Thanksgiving and I should be starting the tree.

But I’m not yet!

I am sharing a Christmas tree that took 20 seconds!  Yep, you read that right, 20 seconds!!

Country Design Keeping

The “keeping” posts are sent every other Saturday.  It a time to share the happenings.  Past, current and future.  Basically chit chat time.

Scrap wood mantel with planked style Christmas tree even on the chalkboard firebox area. |

Now for that 20 second Christmas tree.  It’s the lines on the chalkboard in the firebox area of the scrap wood mantel.  So basic and simple.  The mantel top is holding the spindle tree for 2015.  Yes it’s become a yearly tree.  Here’s the one from 2013 and the one from 2014.  On the right side is my planked wood tree.  On the left is a stick tree.  It took a walk through the forest and about 20 minutes.  It was made the same as the planked wood tree.

The house across the street from us is building a garage apartment.  Here’s why I bring that up.  If you get to know the workers they will let you go through the scrap pile!  After hauling two wheelbarrows full of scrap wood, I had to figure out where to put it. My woodworking shed is tiny.  Mike does the gardening and likes a neat yard.

So, how do you disguise a stack of scrap lumber?

Lumber Tree

country-design-keeping | stack of wood

Stack it in the shape of the Christmas tree!

country-design-keeping | fp update

Country Design Style is getting a DIY makeover.  I hope you like the cleaner new look.  Let me know if you like the “style.”

country-design-keeping | hammer

This hammer was my dad’s kitchen junk drawer hammer.  It makes an appearance on the website in several places.  Just for fun, during the first twelve days of December, the hammer will be on a rampage.  Each day the hammer will be naughty.  Sorta like the elf on a shelf.

Click around the website to find the latest destruction.  It will not be buried in a post.  It could be on a page.  Pages are those in the menu across the top of the website.  In the sidebar or along the very bottom.

Scrap wood mantel with planked style Christmas tree even on the chalkboard firebox area. |

Can you tell I’m into DIY Christmas trees this year??

There’s something about the simple triangle shape and turning it into a holiday tree.


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  1. Great ideas. I made 2 trees out of wood laying around. I love the natural look.

    1. Gail it’s wonderful to creative free decor for our homes. Specially during the busy times coming up these next few weeks!

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