Nautical decor projects for summer display

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If you need a cheap way to add summer decor to your home, make them. This is a collection of nautical decor you will not find in your favorite store.

Nautical decor for the summer mantel

Although, I have included items to get the look if making them doesn’t fit your schedule.

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Is summer hard to decorate for you? I don’t want fishnets hanging from the ceiling or fish on the coffee table.

Unless it’s those fish crackers. Those little fish are good!

But summer is hard for me to decorate. First, it’s not my favorite season. Could have a different outlook if I didn’t spend most of my life in the Arizona desert.

So until fall arrives, this is my idea for decorating for summer.

The Nautical Decor Display

Nautical display on the mantel with chalkboard swimsuit

I started with hanging the nautical swimsuit chalkboard over the shelf I made last summer.  This was the only shaped chalkboard I found online except for labels.

Nautical decor sailboat

Next, I added my favorite little nautical decor, the sailboat. Made from a spindle.  Here’s a collection of sailboats for mantels on Amazon.

Beach faux grass in wood candleholder

Then, I tucked faux dollar store grass into a wood candle holder.

Nautical decorating with DIY projects

To add more black, the chalkboard made from a scrap piece of wood balances the ends.

A favorite seashells on the nautical mantel for summer

A seashell from Pismo Beach makes the nautical display have an odd number.

The projects shown are easy to make and cost very little.

The projects and costs


Pick a project and get creative. I’m heading to the store for fish crackers!!!

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