The calm of tiny living

Have you been in a hotel room and thought, “I don’t have a closet to clean!” I’m beginning to understand the calm of tiny living.

Tiny living in an rv

Tiny living, even part time I’m starting to understand the joy of calm living. Knowing where things are and that everything is in the perfect place.

We bought an RV!

Yikes, we bought an RV!

Yay, we bought an RV!

Tiny living in 321 square foot RV

So far, we’re about “Yay” we bought an RV. My yeah, isn’t about the sewer hookups or the what does this button do, or how do you get internet consistently!

My yeah is about the calm. It didn’t take long to notice the calm.

Tiny living part time in an RV

We’ve had the RV for 5 months and 6 trips. Other than the mistakes, it’s a calm place to hang out.

Our latest mistakes

  • Locking ourselves out of the RV
  • Not flushing out the black tank
  • Trying to run the residential fridge on propane
  • Parking in the back of a steakhouse that didn’t have RV parking. I thought we would have to tear down the corner of the building to get out.
  • Driving through a snowstorm.

The calm.

Tiny living the kitchen

Dishes are quick to clean and put away. Cooking with everything at hand is easy. I know where I’ve stored everything.

If we find we don’t need it or use it we remove it.

We stocked it with what we need to live in it for months. We only need to add groceries as we eat.

All in 321 square feet of tiny living!

Tiny living bedroom closets

Soon, I’m sharing my tips for clothes.  I even do this now at home now!

Above you can watch a casual video where I share our RV while at the vineyard of the central coast of California.

Who needs 3200 square feet with 7 closets to clean! UGH!

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