Ladies Luncheon Photos

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Ladies Luncheon Flower Stalk | Country Design Style |

Ladies Luncheon Photos

Since you couldn’t make the ladies luncheon yesterday…I’m sharing photos today.

Plus a few tips to make luncheons easier.

When I plan a dinner, luncheon or party I plan dessert first!  Not necessary a tip…it’s just dessert comes first in my menu.  Yum!

Ladies Luncheon Cheesecake | Country Design Style |

So, my sweet tooth starts with cheesecake.  A Kahlua cheesecake.  Yes, I used my fancy dancy floral drape.  Click here to see how easy it was to make.  Stay tuned…I’ll be making one using only leaves too.

Tip 1.  Use various heights to display food.

Ladies Luncheon Flowers | Country Design Style |

Tip 2.  Bunch grocery store flowers.

I love using grocery store flowers {which is a good thing since our community doesn’t have a floral store.}  I bunch them up by color or type to add to vases.  Above I arranged the flowers in bunches in the same vase for the centerpiece.

Ladies Lunch FP | Country Design Style |

Tip 3.  Use fruit for display.

For those that follow me on Periscope….that’s one of the rustic boxes made live!

Ladies Luncheon Photos SQ | Country Design Style |

Tip 4.  Use different textures.

Above is a metal lamp base…again shown on Periscope…plus the wood from the rustic box, smooth shiny silver from the thrift store bowl.

Ladies Luncheon Berries | Country Design Style |

Tip 5.  Serve a bowl of berries.

Even if they are not in season, frozen is fine.  They add color to the buffet table and go with almost anything.

Ladies Luncheon Photo Gallery | Country Design Style |

Tip 6.  Take photos of your table and decor BEFORE guests arrive.

This I forgot to do….

Ladies Luncheon Photos Pin | Country Design Style |

so yes the cake was cut into and the salad was now scattered on the tray and beverages were gone…so no photo opp for them! 😕

Tip 7.  Keep the menu simple.

I served a farm garden salad with chicken, two salad dressings to choose from, a bowl of fresh berries, warm bread, nuts and olives, and cheesecake.  Beverages were ice tea, white and rosé wine, cucumber water, and coffee.

Ladies Luncheon Photos | Country Design Style |

Notice I didn’t even paint it!!  There was something about the raw wood I liked.  So, I wrapped a piece of twine around the box for a little farmhouse style and added flowers.

I do have a question.  What type of flower are those?  I love them.  The smell fills the room.  The tag from the grocery just says “stalk.”

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    1. Marcie in Montana says:

      There are double and single varieties. They are usually Pastel colors. They are lovely garden flowers, especially where you can sit in the evenings or have them beneath an open window.

      1. Marcie, they do smell stronger at night. I moved them next to our bed last night and Mike said he felt like we were sleeping in a flower shop. I usually find them planted in one-gallon containers in Home Depot and buy a pot for our front porch. I haven’t checked the garden dept. yet this year. But I will next trip. Thank you.

  1. I believe those flowers are “stock”. Check them out on line. Enter stock flower. They are supposed to smell wonderful.

    1. Oh my gosh…I should have looked closer at the tag! It must have said “stock” not “stalk!” They do smell incredible! Thank you!

  2. What a gorgeous way to lunch and you gave great tips! And I think Susan ^^ is right, those are an annual flower called snap dragons. I love them in vases, and want to grow some, but I am trying to stick with perennial flowers this year. To help my garden budget 🙂

    1. I’m glad you liked the tips, Christine! Our garden zone doesn’t allow for many flowers. Our zone is too many elk!! 🙂 Gardening is an expensive hobby. Thanks for visiting.

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