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If you can be one thing, be kind.  I adore this saying.  My grandma said it often.  In the world today we need more kindness.  So, in my little way, I’m spreading a bit of kindness with a be kind printable.

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Creating the print

I use Creative Market to make many of my printables.  But some like my bicycle with flowers, I drew the bike on the computer.  The flowers came from Creative Market. 

A few printables are my paintings or drawing I scanned into the computer.  Like the watercolor feather

Then there are helpful printables like the farmhouse labels.  I drew the labels on the computer. 

Printable | frame worthy print | wreath | Country Design Style

Printing the print

You may print on the regular copy paper that most likely in your printer tray.  I’ve been into watercolor prints lately and found out printing on watercolor paper creates a pretty print.

For a brighter crisp print, thumb drive

No printer.  Take a thumb drive file to your local copy center.  They print beautifully for a small cost. 

Be kind printable | adding text to printable | home decor printable

Adding text to your print

The print includes two prints.  One with text and one without.  You can add your own favorite saying by following these steps for adding text to labels.  

Download the print

If you’re new here on the website, notice you don’t need to get me your email to download the be kind printable.  Instead, I hope you enjoy the printable and information and visit again soon. 

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Ideas to display you print

If your style is farmhouse and a bit quirky, here’s a few unique ideas to display your lovely printable. 

I think this one is grandma approved. 🙂

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