Lamp repair or strip lamp and make into something else

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Have you found a great lamp in a thrift store but not sure what to do with it?  Lamp repair or strip the lamp and make into something else. 

The spindle to a thrift store lamp

One of our readers asked about the steps to take a lamp apart.  So, I thought it might be interesting to you too.

I always suggest taking used lamps to your local electrician and have checked everything out.  Even if the tag says it works.  

Repair the lamp

If you love the shape and style of the lamp. 

The shade of the lamp is clean or a basic shape and size to easily find a replacement.  Some lamps have unique shades and finding a replacement becomes a challenge.

You have the perfect place for the lamp. 

Strip the lamp

If you love some of the details of the lamp.

You have ideas to reuse the lamp or the parts. 

Lamp repair or strip to make into something else Country Design Style

Parts of a lamp

The finial is the top piece that holds the shade in place.  The harp holds the shade at the correct height.  The socket is what the lightbulb screws into.  On some lamps, the switch is on the socket.  The socket separates into two pieces.  The base screws into the threaded tube.  Inside the socket, the wires are knotted and attached to the screws 

Steps to strip a lamp

A lamp is basically pieces stacked on a threaded metal tube.  The base attached, then pieces are stacked and the socket is screwed down to hold things together.  

Remove the finial and harp.  

lamp upcycle | lamp makeover | Country Design Style

Next grab and socket {thing that holds the lightbulb} and turn clockwise to loosen.  You may notice the pieces start separating.  When you can fit wire cutters between the tube and base, cut the wires.

Lamp makeover | lamp updated | pieces of a lamp | Country Design Style

Now everything easily unstacks.  If you plan to reassemble the lamp, lay the piece in order.  Makes rebuilding it easier. 

Lamp spindle | lamp makeover | best parts of a lamp | Country Design Style

I picked this lamp for the spindle.  I’m a wee bit obsessed with spindles.  It basically cost me $8 for a spindle.  I think that’s a great price for such a unique spindle. 

More Lamp Projects

Lamp makeover | spindle | Country Design Style

This lamp I made over with my dad years ago.  My dad started creating “candle lamps.”  Dad stripped the lamp, painted the parts, remade the lamp without wiring and then added a small chandelier globe to the top.  He gave them to me to sell and every single one sold.

chandelier makeover | Country Design Style

You will see this spindle DIY project soon.  In the meantime, here’s a sneak peek and a tip.

The spindle is receiving a fresh new farmhouse look with chalk-based paint.  Notice the tip?  If you happen to find a spindle with a hole through the center use the base and threaded tube to hold the spindle while painting. 

More lighting projects

Adding crystals to any shade is easy with this idea.

This organizing idea is perfect for lampshades that don’t fit any of your lamps. 

Make these easy candle ideas this weekend.


It’s Monday and time to strip the bedding!  

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