Funny Thanksgiving Printables


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What is your family’s favorite topic of discussion around the Thanksgiving table?  Ours is past Thanksgiving disasters.  From the usual still frozen turkey to our centerpiece catching on fire.

turn scales back

I created a collection of funny Thanksgiving printables to share around your Thanksgiving table.

I googled how much the average weight gain is during the holidays.  I found answers from 1 to 10 pounds.  So remember to turn the scales back!!

Funny Thanksgiving Printables

Just click on the images below to download your funny Thanksgiving printables of your choice…or click all of them below.

pants on hanger

I ALWAYS plan which one of my comfy pants arrive at the table weeks in advance.

Which Thanksgiving disaster have you had?  I’ve done them all, plus broke the dressing dish when I set in on the cold countertop.  We picked the dressing out from shards of glass. At least this time the dressing was tasty, although a bit crunchy!

text on wood

I’ve updated the post with new printables, but this one 👇 is a personal favorite.

Funny Thanksgiving Printables peas | Country Design Style |

This is a personal one.  When I was young and picked to say grace, I ended with, “Thanks for the food, please pass the peas!”  Veggies were my favorite even as a kid!

I don’t remember what else I said thanks for that year, but I bet something about my playhouse was in there.

Click here to grab your set of the NEW printables. No email required!!

Funny Thanksgiving Printables Pin and grab yours | Country Design Style |

I hope you enjoy sharing a few of these printables with your guests!

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We would love to hear about your Thanksgiving disasters in comments below…go!

I wish my family would forget about my mac and cheese.

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