9 exciting DIY house shape decor to create this weekend

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Have you seen the hoopla over house shape decor on Pinterest? Well, me too, and I’m obsessed, to say the least!

You will be too! You’ll make a couple or all of them. So keep reading.

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House with Wire Smoke

This modern farmhouse style took about one minute to make! When I grabbed it in Hobby Lobby, I knew the chimney needed smoke billowing up into the sky…somehow!?!?!

See how easy this house shape decor was to create.

Tabletop home decor house

If you can stack blocks, you can make this house in the amount of time it takes for the glue to dry! And just look at that glow!

Don’t throw rocks at this house!

This “glass” house was made using plexiglass and dollar store wood. The one coming soon is real glass and barn wood.

I found the plexiglass on Amazon.

Here’s a speedy video to show the steps.

Shabby Houses with Spindle Chimneys

My big DIY adventures started in California during the Shabby Chic days. These houses are by far, my favorite! Plus, there were very simple and quick to create. They seem to be a huge hit on social media too. 🙂

Here’s the link to watch how easy it is to recreate these shabby chic houses.

Toilet Paper Roll House

Little house shape made from a toilet paper roll.

Forgive me for this one! But I had to try this one when I used the last of the tissue and started to toss the roll in the trash. Wait a minute!!! Could I? And should I?

You bet!

I have an extremely personal reason for all this creativity. It was all gathered together to make this little house. It sits on my nightstand to remember to keep creativity growing.

Watch the video for the toilet paper roll house here.

Paper Houses

Printable paper houses

I created these little houses on the computer and set them up as a free download. The download has two houses, one with doors, windows, and details. The other is only the cut and fold lines. You can print it on cardstock for different patterns on the house.

See the first video I made showing how easy the houses are to fold and glue.

Stuffy Drop Cloth Houses

How to make little stuffy houses garland. Fun and creative idea and it's super easy. #CountryDesignStyle #EuropeanFarmhouseStyle #EasyDIYProjects #DIYProjects #DIYHomeDecor #chalkcouture #DropClothProject #DIYDropClothCraft

These stuffy houses are made using Chalk Couture transfers and chalk paste. The transfers work well on a drop cloth.

Click here to see all the Chalk Couture products.

I enjoy working with Chalk Couture because it’s a great company and the products are very versatile and easy to use. Anyone can create amazing products. It’s fun for the kiddos too.

Watch my time-lapse video making the stuffy houses here

Book Page Folded House

Book page folded into a simple house shape

This little house makes me smile every time I walk into the dining room. It’s sitting on our buffet table enjoying the sunlight. What I love the best is it looks different from each angle.

My old book disclaimer! I had reservations about using old books for crafts. We have 3 boxes of books gathered over the years, bought at yard sales and thrift shops stored in the garage. Most were not in good shape when I bought them. Many were green and blue for decorating a bookcase—the more tattered and torn, the better. We’ve moved the books several times, but for many years, they sit in storage. I had to get rid of some due to mold…yuck. But now that I’ve found some creative ways to reuse them, I feel we can love them all over again in their new life.

Now that’s outta the way! Here’s the time-lapse video of this little house.

Back Side of Wire Smoke House

Back side of wood house with wire smoke

You’ve scrolled through several house shape decor ideas but think back to the first one with “wire” smoke.

It had a backside too! That backside was calling out for something creative. Then I made a boo-boo and had to get creative to fix it!

Check out the video and the mistake on the backside!

Ideas to display your house shape decor

  • These little house shape decor pieces are perfect on tiers. They nestle into the tray and faux plants perfectly. And bonus, they look great from all sides!
  • Tuck it into your mantle decor. A collection with different roof lines looks great on shelves and mantle tops.
  • Add a couple to your tablescape. The house shapes look amazing from all sides.
  • For a unique idea, use a small paper house for a gift tag. Simply write to and from on the side and add a piece of twine to hang. You could tuck in small candies inside the houses too.
  • Add a few to a green wreath. {See below}

Need more house shape decoration ideas?

It seems I’ve been house shaped obsessed longer than I thought!

More Easy House Decor Projects

Chocolate bar marzipan jujubes jelly-o carrot cake caramels. Tootsie roll cookie jujubes powder icing lemon drops. Pastry brownie topping oat cake chocolate cake jelly candy gingerbread tart.

In conclusion, DIY house shaped decor is a great way to add a unique and personalized touch to your space. From the whimsical to the vintage, there’s something out there for every taste. Whether it’s a single statement piece or a collection, make one and add hoopla to your home.

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