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Vintage Styled Lighting

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I’ll leave the light on for you!

Don’t you love it when you get a bright idea and all the “broken pieces mend stronger!”

We just finished watching all the seasons of Revenge.  It’s a show on Netflix where a young woman, Emily, tries to get revenge on a family for her father’s death.  Just when you think all the pieces will come together…everything falls apart.

Sorta like DIY projects!

This project worked out just as I envision.  Nothing fell apart…yet!

Vintage Styled Lighting

vintage-styled-lighting-country-design-style |

If the true lighting was my final goal this DIY project would be like an episode of Revenge.  Emily and I would be faced with electrocution!

Actual light was not my goal.  The first photo above has a photo edited glow.  My goal was a unique prop for photos.  You can see it in use on my Fall Vignette.

Behind the Scenes

Along with this post, I added a new category called “Behind the Scenes.”  I want to share with you some of the going on behind putting together Country Design Style.  It’s just as fun and creative!!!

Vintage Styled Lighting Steps

vintage-styled-lighting-country-design-style | -3

These are the broken pieces.  There is a light with a cloth cord and vintage plug.  The light and wood bracket was bought at the Junk in the Trunk Vintage Market.  I paid $6 for the light and bracket was $2.

First, I cut a piece of 1 by 3 by 7 in half.  Then, I cut a 1/4 inch piece from a 3/4 dowel.  Then grabbed 3 staples.

I drilled two holes through one piece of wood that the “plug” will plug into.

vintage-styled-lighting-country-design-style | -5

On the back, I marked the center about 1 inch from the top edge.

vintage-styled-lighting-country-design-style | -4

Scrap wood was clamped into the “U” shape to hold the small pieces in place to router a keyhole.  Now the wood will hang flush against the wall…or shutter!


The pieces of wood were aged with tea and ironed vinegar.  The bracket was screwed to one piece of wood.  I used the staples to hold the cord to the wood bracket.  The dowel circle got a coat of black and glued to the “outlet” as a “vintage knob.”  Next,  I plugged in the light!

Now for the shutters…

These were bought at our Restore Habitat for Humanity store for $5.  I used them in our Autumn Mantel.  Now, I want to get them an update.


I cut thin wood pieces to fit and glued them into place.  It took f~o~r~e~v~e~r to dry…it was raining.


Ready for painting.  A rustic coat of plain o’ white chalk type paint.

Vintage Styled Lighting. Not great to read by, but a fun prop. Wooden bracket and cloth cord. |

The lighting will not always hang on the shutters.  I do think it will be fun to work with as a prop.

Let me know if “Behind the Scenes” will interest you in comments below.  The vintage styled lighting worked out just as I pictured it.

I think my broken pieces mended stronger! 🙂

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P.S. If you’re reading this you made it through the whole post.  You made my day!  Let’s be the best of friends. 😊


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    1. chris aka monkey says

      wow jeanette you come up with the most awesome things i would love to have this hanging above my bed, and seeing behind the scenes is helpful, if i thought i could build one myself …. love it xx

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