Halloween Birdhouse

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I don’t do scary.  No scary movies, no scary TV shows and without a doubt, no haunted houses.

It’s the Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown is about as scary as I can handle…and now I create a Halloween Birdhouse.


I decorated my rusty birdcage for Halloween and was almost too afraid to take pictures! 😕

Halloween Birdhouse

I enjoy handing out candy but we need kids in the neighborhood.  Without kids in the neighborhood…you don’t hand out candy.  Even if you leave the light on!

Funny and sweet peanut story

Years ago I worked for a candy company that owned Planters Peanuts.  Planters had a fun size bag.  I guess kids weren’t as allergic to peanuts back then.  Anyway, I handed out my leftover samples of peanuts.  One adorable young boy was too thrilled to get peanuts.  He said, “Yea, I love peanuts!”  I told him to hold on a moment and I grabbed a 24 oz jar of peanuts to add to his Halloween bag.  I often wonder if he remembers getting a big jar in peanuts in his trick or treats bag. 🙂

Small Halloween

Halloween Birdhouse with holiday lights, pumpkins, black birds, burlap, twine, rusty leaves and burlap pumpkin | countrydesignstyle.com

Since Halloween isn’t big around our house, my Halloween decor is small.  Actually miniature!  I borrowed the birdcage from my Fall Vignette.   The birds I got years ago online.  The skeletons are from the Dollar Store.  The pumpkin and gourd are plastic.  The burlap pumpkin and rusty leaf were made a couple of weeks ago for fall.  The cute little white pumpkin fell off a fall floral pick.

Wet Burlap Droops


The idea of using burlap was from our outdoor chandelier.  I added strips of ragged burlap and twine to the bottom area.  After several rain storms, the burlap became “droopy.”


So the pieces of burlap and twine were dampened to hang “droopy.”  The light adds a soft scary glow to the room.

Since this is the only Halloween decor I’m planning, I thought I’d share a roundup of past Halloweens.

Halloween Roundup


Scrappy Junky Pumpkins made with plywood cutouts and junk!

Framed pumpkins a DIY project adding autumn colors in frames with batting for the bulge. Sticks for stems | countrydesignstyle.com

Framed Pumpkins made with thrift store frames and cut up towels in autumn colors.  Batting adds bulge!


Black Spooky Wreath made easy with spray paint.


What is the best candy for Halloween?

What’s your most memorable Halloween?

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  1. Very cute display. Love the neutral colors and the birds on the wall!!

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