Fall Vignette

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Fall vignette with rusty birdcage and unique pumpkins.


I like to extend Autumn as long as humanly possible.

I may or may not have decorated a Christmas tree once with orange and black plaid.  It could have been candy corn in my martinis for New Years.  I have never gone so far as putting fall leaves on my Valentine centerpiece…except that one time.

So when asked if I wanted to sign up for the Home for Fall blog tour Powered by Hometalk, I jumped on it!

Besides, I’ll have decorating ideas for all the other holidays too! 😀

Fall Vignette 

Home for Fall Powered b Hometalk.com and Hometalk Bloggers. Click to be inspired by the most creative fall projects ever! Country Design Style www.countrydesignstyle.com

Are you on Hometalk?  If you’re not, make sure to visit Hometalk.com and sign up for free.  Why, because it’s as fabulous as Autumn!!!

Hometalk is a collection of home bloggers, professionals and people interested in anything home and garden.  If you have a strange plant growing in your yard, take a picture and ask on Hometalk.  If you need an idea for what to hang over your sofa,  take a picture and ask.  Professionals and home bloggers will give you loads of information and inspiration.


I have an entry piece that was calling for rustic fall decor.  So I answered the phone! 🙂

Rustic Birdcage with lights and mini pumpkins. Country Design Style www.countrydesignstyle.com

I started off with a rustic, rusty birdcage.  I added mini lights for a glow and mini pumpkins.


A galvanized pail spills over with burlap leaves and a sweater pumpkin.  A sweater pumpkin in 5 minutes.

Yes, it took 5 minutes!!


My rustic box is holding a glass pumpkin that was painted for our autumn mantel.


This wire basket holds another glass pumpkin and a rusty leaf.  Three guesses as to what the wire basket was in it’s previous life. 🙂

Fall vignette with loads of simple DIY projects. Country Design Style www.countrydesignstyle.com

My two favorite things on the fall vignette are a small cotton twine ball pumpkin and a rusty gear that gives rise to a little white pumpkin.  The twine pumpkin was made by unwinding a few feet of twine.  Then holding a pumpkin stem on top and rewrapping the twine holding the stem in place.

Tip:  Before tossing this years pumpkins remove the stems, let dry and save for creative DIY pumpkins next year.


A couple of plastic gourds and pumpkins are painted black and gray.


A mini fall banner was made using a punch and printouts of images of fabric and burlap.  The punch would not work on fabric.  And absolutely not on burlap!!  So, I took a picture of fabric and burlap.  Then downloaded them to the computer to make a paper print.  Then punched out with a banner punch.  I use a small hole punch across the tops and then strung onto twine.


The vintage style light is simply hanging over the top edge.  I will be posting more about the light on Friday.  It’s going to be a fun prop for photos.


A rusty gear makes a backdrop like the rusty handle of the galvanized pail.  My favorite black spindle and a few small spindles gather in a little white jar add my touch.

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  1. I have several things I noticed as I enjoyed your post. I love the neutrals. Who says it has to be orange! I love the eclectic variety. All of the arranged pieces look like a work of art when placed as the vignette. I love how every piece has a story. It also feels like it is a reflection of your personality…. that is a compliment!

    1. Pam, that twine pumpkin was totally a last moment idea! But it is kind of cute in a clown hat kind of way! 🙂

  2. Awesome decor – I love all the white and neutral! (perfect for going right on thru to spring – heehee!)

  3. Jeanette, I love your rustic Fall vignette with so many interesting and unique pieces! And the neutral palette is so warm and inviting. My kind of style! ;o)

    1. Lucy, thank you so much! I haven’t used orange in years. This has been an inspiring tour! I can’t wait to see them all. Hugs!

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