Top 5 ideas for you to make using DIY barn wood

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Top 5 projects using DIY barn wood you made yourself in an instant.  Did you know you can turn new wood to look like old barn wood for cheap?

Top 5 projects using DIY barn wood

I’ve created over 100 projects using this technique.  Today, I’m collecting the top five DIY project made with DIY barn wood.  There are accelerators on the market that cost over $20 for a quart.  If I spent $20 on my aging wood technique, I’d have enough to age our house!

So, let’s check out my top 5 projects using the aging wood DIY barn wood technique.

Mantel mixed with barn wood and paint

mantel made the scrap wood pieces

A great example of DIY barn wood mixed with painted wood is the scrap wood mantel.  I painted the base and the mantel, but the top I aged instantly.  This is my personal favorite project.

If this mantel is a bit much for your home, think about aging a piece of wood from Home Depot to use as a rustic mantel.  Hang the “new old barn wood” and you’re done.

Tale of Two Shelves

Shelf under TV #tvshelf #hangtv #rusticstyle

This next one is actually two.  Readers loved both of these shelves.  One solves a design problem.

How-to-create-mammoth-farmhouse-shelf-pn | Country Design Style |

The other using half wood balls in a unique way.

Fast Farmhouse Style

Furniture makeover farmhouse style PN | Country Design Style | countrydesignstyle.ocm

This next project gave a fast farmhouse style update to a metal table.  I used chalk-based paints along with the aging technique.

Aging wood ad insert no images

My Workhorse

How to make a Large Chalkboard | Country Design Style |

Old barn wood and chalkboards go together perfectly.  There’s something about the matte look of the DIY barn wood and the matte finish of the chalkboard.  Make easy frames for all your chalkboard.

Pinterest Ugly Picture Hit


It would not be right to add the project that’s such a hit on Pinterest.  Our outdoor round coffee table top.  The pin gets repinned several hundred times each day.  {and the photo is awful}

DIY Barn wood on outdoor coffee table

The wood for this table replaced a round cushion.  The cushion held up for one summer.  The aged wood holds up to all four seasons year after year.  It’s been covered in 8 inches of snow, 3 inches of rain, 98 degrees of sun, plus falling leaves and bird poo!  It had cheese dip dripped across it, held wine glasses, and an overwatered plant.

DIY Barn Wood aged to perfection…as fast as your paintbrush can go!

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The technique will not age your hands, but I do claim that’s what happened to my hands.  It couldn’t possibly be my age!

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