Stripped Burlap Ribbon


stripped-burlap-ribbon-country-design-style-thumbDid I type “stripped” burlap ribbon??

Yes I did!

My stripped burlap ribbon was my “trash” from another project.

Small-tissue-paper-flowers-country-design-styleI’ve been making small teensy tissue paper flowers.  It’s just a coincidence that Cinco de Mayo is Monday and I’m making tissue paper flowers.  I actually making them for our little Humane Society’s annual fund raising event on May 9th.  The small flowers with be tied onto wine glasses.  One hundred and fifty wine glasses!

So what does making small tissue paper flowers have to do with “stripping burlap ribbon?”

Really nothing except I wanted to use thin burlap type twine to make the flowers and tie onto all those wine glasses.  I could find what I wanted in our small town.  Then I remembered the large wide burlap ribbon I bought a couple of months ago.

pull-burlap-threads-country-design-styleIt seemed to me easy to cut the wide ribbon into about an 18 inch piece and simply pull the threads.  This left a cool looking piece of burlap that I tossed in the trash.

stripped-burlap-ribbon-country-design-style-4Then I pulled it back out of the trash {thankful I didn’t dump anything yucky on top} and wrapped it around a vase.  Cool!

By the time I get 150 flowers made I’ll have about 4 more pieces.

stripped-burlap-ribbon-country-design-styleMaybe a small table runner?

Any other ideas to use with my stripped burlap ribbon?

Later in the week I’ll be making huge tissue paper flowers for the event.

stripped-burlap-ribbon-country-design-style-5This was the last photo I snapped this morning just as the sun came in the window.  I like the sunwashed color of the photo. 🙂

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