Funky seat for my hiney


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A funky seat for my hiney is just what I needed in my little workshop.

I have the seat.  A wooden bar stool that was a sweet yard sale find for $3.

Since I’m using it in the workshop it needed to be funky and fun.

Now it is!

Seat for my Hiney

It’s themed furniture time of the month.  This month’s theme…numbers or letters.

I decided on a number and what better number than a favorite number.


Why 7?

On my 7th birthday, my parents gave an awesome gift of a transistor radio.  First, how cool is a transistor radio??  Second, how cool it had a “7” on it??

I don’t know why it had a 7 on it, but I decided at the ripe old age of 7 that it would be my lucky number!

Years of living in Las Vegas proved that wrong…

but I persist!

No. 7

no-7-country-design-styleI printed out a large 7 on regular paper.  I printed it in a gray color.

Why waste ink!

workshop-bar-stool-country-design-style-2You can see I painted the seat part with black chalky paint.  The part you can’t see is the paper was covered with white chalk on the back.

Hard to take a photo of white chalk on white paper but….

n0-7-chalk-country-design-styleUsing a pencil I outlined the no. 7 and transferred the chalk onto the black.  Notice too I added a circle shape to the 7.

Then I filled in the chalk outline with a putty color of chalky paint.

Updated “Dip” Legs

workshop-stool-taping-country-design-styleI started to do the dip look on the legs and then decided to update the dip.

workshop-stool-after-country-design-styleHere’s my finished funky seat for my hiney with my lucky number 7 and updated legs!

You can download the number 7 here for your own seat!

n0-7-nick-country-design-styleMy favorite part is the nick along the side where I hit it with my jigsaw!

Accenting the nick adds to the look…

when I nick it again with my jigsaw!

funky-seat-for-my-hiney-country-design-styleI used Americana Chalky paint.  My disclaimer, I did not receive any money or product for writing this post.  I purchased the paint at our local home improvement store to share this with you.  It was also purchased for a painting demo at our local Humane Society Thrift store.  I picked the Americana Chalky Paint for the demo because it was readily available in our small community.

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While I sit my hiney on my updated funky seat and work on some DIY projects to share, please browse the numbers or letters of my blogging buddies below.


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  1. I love the No. 7 story. It’s amazing how those things stick with us for life, isn’t it? I love your makeover and how you creatively added the 7 with chalk. Your work is always so good, Jeanette.

  2. glad to see you back, keep that hand down ha ha… these stools are great for hineys and this one is so cool,love the legs and i wish i had a size 7 hiney xx

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