Scrap Wood Heart

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scrapwoodheartcloseupI adore making things and always attempt to make most of our furniture.  At least the wood pieces.  This leaves a box or two or three or more of scraps.

So be still my beating heart, a scrap wood heart is born.

Scrap Wood Heart 

If you follow me you know one of my sayings is, “broken pieces mend stronger.”

And this heart has lots of wood glue.

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ScrapWoodHeartMakingI swept out the workshop and gathered the bits of trim outta the dust pan.  I glued them to a wood heart I cut out with the jigsaw.  This is by far my favorite wood glue!!!  I’ve made boxes WITHOUT nails using this wood glue!  And here!

I’ve found wood trim on Amazon!  Here’s a link to a collection to browse.

I’m torn about painting the heart…

or leaving it as is with different colors and tones of the wood scraps.

ScrapWoodHeartbut now I’m glad I did.  A little sanding and adding antiquing stain helped bring out the details.

Below are a few more items I made using scrap wood.

Scrap Wood Mantel

Cable Box

Autumn Leaf

Christmas Trees

Spindle Tree

Just because it’s getting close to that romantic holiday…

Valentines Wreath with pink beadsThis is the Valentine wreath that hung on our cabin two years ago.

Here’s the wreath this year.

Scrap Wood Heart SQ


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  1. I LOVE IT! What an awesome idea! I made one that is similar. Check it out @ and tell me what you think! I’m loving your blog btw!

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