Reclaimed Chair Back

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reclaimed chair back FP

I Love reclaiming trash and chalkboards.  Really love it when they can come together into a cool and useful project.  Like this reclaimed chair back!

While at the dump I spotted a broken wooden chair.  No spindles {darn} but a unique wooden back all the same.

I brought it home and it sat in one closet until I decided to organize…and it was moved to another closet.  This went on for more times than I want to admit!

Finally I decided to stop stashing it and make something useful. A blackboard!

reclaimed chair back

First it got a coat of almost black paint {that’s 2 parts black paint mixed with 1 part dark green.} Some of the old wood dowels that held everything together were still stuck in, so I just pulled them out and left the holes. I didn’t mind the holes…it shows what the blackboard was in it’s other life.

reclaimed chair back2

The ornamental detail was rubbed back to see the detail as well as the edges.

reclaimed chair back3

Better shot of the details. 🙂

Reclaimed Chair Back CDS

The center of the back…hummm

yea that’s right…

anyway it got a slopping of chalkboard paint.  Actually two sloppings!

That’s two coats.

reclaimed chair back5

I prime blackboards by laying the chalk on it’s side and covering the area with chalk.  Then erase.

I used the keyhole bit and the router to make it easy to hang.

Reclaimed Chair Back SQ

I added my favorite saying and my reclaimed chair back is done.

Better than filling up the landfills.

This currently hangs on my workshop door.

Do you have an inspiring saying for your work area?  Let me know in comments below.  Simply scroll down until you see the comment section.  You can enter your first name, your dogs name, or nickname.  Then enter your email.  Your email will not show it only sends me your comment in case you have a question, I can respond.  Thanks!

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  1. This is so cool. You have inspired me to start making post and continue woodworking. Thank you for what you do. You are truly amazing.

  2. Love your chair back and your saying. I do not have an inspirational saying in my art area, so I will have to do that. Thank you for the suggestion!

    1. Thank you Barb for reading. Inspirational sayings help motivate me. Have a wonderful creative day, ~Jeanette

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