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It’s time to change things up with a newsletter to add to the finding the DIY in you, lineup.  In the over five years of blogging I’ve never done a newsletter. I’ve always sent a truncated post as they published.



I never liked newsletters. The “news” offered is usually just a collection of the past week’s posts.

Then an idea hit me.  

Themed newsletters that are timely for the season or what’s happening currently.  A news later that’s actually helpful a…


Simple ways to share a collection of posts both current and older that readers might have missed with a theme.

I could share posts from social media on the topic for extra help.  It could include upcoming live videos or recorded videos on the subject.

Say the subject is furniture painting.  The HelpLetter would include the most popular furniture techniques past and present.  The most popular pin on Pinterest showing the best paints for beginning furniture painters.  A YouTube video actually showing paint brushing techniques.  Then a Facebook LIVE video with tips for caring for paint brushes.  And…

I could go on, but you get the picture.

Now for the first time in over five years, I’m excited to send a newsletter full of help.

I started a list {because I’m a list maker} of at least 52 topics for each week for the first year.  This was a fast brain dump type of list.

I stopped at 184 topics!

Now to figure out the best time to send the HelpLetter.  I did some research, and I figured out for the DIY world Thursdays late afternoon works best.  Why?  People are starting to think about the weekend and DIY projects.

Then bam the DIY HelpLetter arrives.  Perfect!

For readers that still want all the current posts, I will include them as always in the HelpLetter.   They will be at the bottom of each HelpLetter.

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Get in on the DIY HelpLetter now.

Below is a sample image of the first DIY HelpLetter


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