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Where have I been lately…

busy preparing for the Live DIY workshop event at our Humane Society’s Resale store.



I volunteer on a kindred spirits community helping with fundraising for our Humane Society.

Since I’m passionate about thrift shops and DIY, I’m also volunteering to give casual demos at the Resale store.

Saturday was the second “Find the DIY in you!”

I decided to make a few thrift projects and demo the steps and ideas for common thrift shop items.  The projects were raffled.

The projects


One of my favorite projects I’ve already shared on the website.  The framed terrariums.  Plus we discussed other ideas using thrift shop frames.


I wanted a DIY project for container gardeners…which I am not!  I’ve never had a green thumb and I’m okay with that.

Really I am.

The container I found…shoes!

And with Mike’s instructions, I planted a perennial and an annual.  That’s what the tag said!

Garden shoes and purse

Garden high heel shoes and purse! Planted and ready to grow. Country Design Style

I also found a purse!


Maybe I should have looked for gloves too!




I found wicker baskets of different colors and shapes.  I quick spray painting and now they belong together.  We also talked about wrapping vases and other shapes with rope.

Chalkboard paint


Thrift shops have loads of items to turn into chalkboards.  The glass vase is elegant with chalkboard paint.  I like to tape the top rim of the glass.  Metal trays are plentiful in the thrift store and very inexpensive.  But they make stunning chalkboards!  Plus glue a magnet to thrift earrings and use the tray as a magnet board too!

Shop by color


Shop by color.  I do this when I want to update a room.  Shop by color.  In the inset, I shopped for white.  Then later shopped for green to add.  During the event, we added green washi tape to the square tray.

I want to add washi tape to a couple of walls here in the cabin.

Bundt pans


What else can you do with a bundt pan…specially if you’re watching the calories??  Set it in the middle of the patio table and stick the umbrella pole through the hole.  Then add ice for beverages.  Battery candles for evenings.  Or plants if you garden.  The three lift things are also a perfect place to add twine for hanging.


I wish to think everyone who attended the event.  Let’s get out and shop those thrift stores that support animal rescues around the country.

The animals thank you.

Save the date for future DIY workshops

Other workshops

How to join our live DIY TV workshop this Thursday

Chalkboard Lettering Event


The next DIY workshop is sharing transfer ideas for chalkboards, furniture, and fabrics.


If you were able to attend an event what would you like to see??

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  1. I loved the idea! … I have so many high heels, but now living in Germany, in a small city is not possible to use and maybe I´ll copy your idea and do something even more beautiful with someone of my shoes. Thank you very much!

    1. I hope you do find something beautiful to do with you high heels Alex! If you do, send my a photo. You can by clicking over on the right side “Share your Project.” My best childhood friend lives in Germany too! Take care and thanks for stopping by. Jeanette

  2. jeanette the shoe and purse planters cracked me up what a unique idea hope the event was wonderful xx p.s. my surgery has been postponed for health reasons will let you know xx

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