Playroom Wall Decor in 30 Minutes or Less


Have you had a great idea that took over a year to act on it? This playroom wall decor project was a year in the making. But it sparked two more projects.

Add 3 stick for teepee top

If I had known the project created two more ideas, I would’ve done it months ago.

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I bought a thrift store SweaterLast year to make sweater candles. I cut out the neckline of the sweater and realized it was in the shape of a Teepee.

Life happened and I never made the Teepee. Until this morning.

Cut out sweater v neck

My sweater neckline has laces.

Cut out sweater v neck with laces

But as you can see the laces are not necessary. In fact, now that I cut this one, I like to better than the laces.

playroom wall decor

The supplies along with the sweater neckline.

Hot glue gun and a glue stick or craft glue {this is my favorite craft glue because it dries fast}
A dollop of white craft paint
1-inch soft bristle paintbrush
An old board {this one came from the pump organ}
Sticks from the yard.

The steps for the playroom wall decor

Glue the teepee shape sweater on the board with the bottom along the board’s edge. Let an area at the top of the teepee for three sticks.

Glue in the three sticks.

Add the moon

playroom wall decor moon

Do you love polka dots? I do too! The video shows a fast way to make rough circles. Notice I put quite a bit of paint on the brush. Place the brush on the board and twirl. It’s a little cumbersome when making a video at the same time.

The kid’s room wall decor is done!

Now for those two more projects.

Making fire

First, a little wood fire.

I use the leftover sticks and hot glue them in a triangle around a votive battery candle.

Stacking sticks of kids room wall decor

Continue laying sticks making sure you’re able to remove the candle.  I glue smaller sticks around the top edge.  The problem is the battery candle is white and shows too much between the sticks.  I almost grabbed black paint but saw…

trim battery candle

chalkboard tape!  Pull the candle out from the sticks and wrap with tape.  Use an Exacto knife to trim along the “wax” top of the candle.  Now I want to chalkboard tape larger battery candles for guest to write on.

Playroom wall decor 30 minutes or less

You can hang the playroom wall decor next to a side table and place the faux fire on the top.

Faux Fire

I coulda made a great boy scout!

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