Spindle towel bar made in minutes


Your hands are drippy and not a hand towel in sight. How many times does this happen to you? Keep a towel handy with this spindle towel bar.

Spindle towel bar finished close up

Laundry day on the farm was a huge day. During my time on the farm, grandma had an electric wringer washer. While grandma and grandpa went to town, my aunt and I did the laundry. I adore my aunt. She’s nine years older and my inspiration for most everything I do. I’m sure we were dancing and laughing while doing the wash. Or “worsh” as I “use-ta” say. I enjoyed feeding the clothes to the rollers and got a bit careless. It grabbed my finger and rolled up my forearm. As I remember, it didn’t hurt. But my aunt panicked and didn’t know what to do. So she hit the reverse button, and my arm rolled back out. It was reasonably dry too!

If you have a busy sink in the laundry room and need a towel nearby, this spindle towel bar idea is perfect.

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Old painted spindle

There are a few times you find wood furniture in thrift stores that got a bad paint job. 

I found a random spindle in our Habitat for Humanity ReStore. Many times you can find a bundle of spindles with excellent patina. This spindle didn’t have excellent patina and in fact, wasn’t painted well at all. I think it was from a chair. 

Materials Needed:

Spindle around 1 to 1 1/2 inches in diameter


3/16 drill bit

Metal spacers one inch long (grab a couple at your local hardware store)


two 3 inch screws and 2 inch spacers

2 three-inch screws

2 wall anchors

4 buttons – 2 small to cover screw heads & 2 to cover the ends of the spindle

4 small brad nails

Hot glue gun and sticks



Directions for spindle towel bar

Paint the spindle if you don’t like the finish or color. 

Drill two holes at least inch from the edge of each end of the spindle. 

Insert the screw into the holes. Add the spacer. Mark the location for the wall anchors. Drill and insert the wall anchors. 

spacer with screw through spindle and drill

Use the screwdriver to thread the screws into the anchors. 

buttons on end of spindle and over screw head

I hot glued buttons on the screw heads to hide them and add a fun look. Then I used small nails to add larger buttons to the ends of the spindle for a more finished look.

Spindle towel bar finished

This spindle towel bar is perfect for a few little fingertip towels. You’ll need a larger spindle and anchors to hold your bath towels. 

The layered frames idea is another popular project created a few years ago.

For a bit messier project, take a gander at the peat pots idea. My “okie” is showing again.

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  1. The exact same thing happened to me! I was in the basement with my mother “helping” at age six. SHE panicked and hit the reverse button. I never remembered it hurting and often wondered if I’d somehow forgotten, I’m glad to know I’m not the only one that happened to. That was back in 1958. Thanks for sharing your memories with me.

    1. I guess we’re lucky that the wringers had a reverse button. So, glad you were okay too. There are so many great, fond and funny memories back then. Right?

  2. Jean M Quintana says:

    I remember my mom getting her hand and arm in the ringer back in the early 1950s when I was a very small child. She yelled and I thought it hurt her, I think she replaced that washer right after that. In the 1950s all the washer were in the kitchens and the dryer was a clothes line in the back yard. Thanks for the memories.

    1. Oh, wow, Jean. I thought it was a freak accident, but it has happened to others. Yes, the dryer we used was the clothes line in the back yard. DId you ever play tent in the sheets hanging on the line?

  3. This is perfectly genius! I have been searching for a 12-13 inch towel holder for ages. Most are ugly and expensive. Can’t thank you enough for this idea.

    1. Well, you are very welcome Sandra. Thank you for following Country Design Style and checking out the post. Reach out if you have any problems making your spindle towel bar.

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