DIY Sweater Candles

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DIY sweater candles | Country Design Style |

Winter is coming and I’m feeling worried about inanimate objects staying warm.  Our house is cool during the summer and freezing in the winter. Our coffee cups need hot water to warm them or the coffee gets cold too fast in winter.  So….I decided to dress candle in sweaters!

I highly suggest using only battery candles for this project.


DIY Sweater Candles

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DIY sweater candles ribbed sweater and battery candles | Country Design Style |

This is the piece of sweater or sweater vest leftover from my 5-minute  sweater pumpkins.  Since sweater vests are not my style I plan on making a sweater for a couple of candles.

My thrift store sweater isn’t wool. If you have a wool sweater you can dry the sweater on the hot setting to felt the fibers. Then you can cut the yarn without unraveling. Or…

Do as I did and not worry about a bit of unraveling. It’s not like the candles will get up and start dancing across the mantel. If they did a sweater unraveling could be a problem.

The Supplies

Battery candles

Old sweater


Bakers Twine

Large Needle


The Steps

DIY sweater candles tight fit | Country Design Style |


I figured out the bottom edge of the back of the sweater is enough to wrap around the two 3-inch candles.

I cut a piece the height of the tallest candle. Then cut the piece in half.  Then measure the smaller candle and cut a piece an inch taller.

DIY sweater candles sewing with bakers twine | Country Design Style |

Hand Sewing

I grabbed a piece of black and white bakers twine and needle with a large enough hole to thread the twine. I sewed a whip stitch down the edge of the sweater material.  With the ribbed fabric, I didn’t have to worry about the wrong side issue.  Then I flipped the sweater so the twine showed little-dashed stitches.

DIY sweater candles cutting top | Country Design Style |

The top

I stretched the sweater over the candle.  Then I cut the top following the wavy edge of the candle.

DIY sweater candles with bakers twine | Country Design Style |


I wrapped extra bakers twine around the bottom third of each candle several times.  The tied like my tennis shoes. 🙂

DIY sweater candles sewn with bakers twine | Country Design Style |

The sweater candles create a soft glow through the fabric.

Now, what other inanimate objects around our house could use a sweater??

What would you dress in a sweater?

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