Handmade Crystal Shades

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Way too country lampshades get a modern farmhouse style with these handmade crystal shades.


I can get a bit too country!

Most of the time that’s not a bad thing.

Like the time I made country fried steak with the perfect gravy and creamiest mashed potatoes ever!

Or spending an afternoon on the front porch swing drinking ice tea and flipping through catalogs.

But when I recovered lamp shades with checker material and trims and rick rack…they turned out a bit too country.

What do I do when I spend too much time on a project only to not like the results?

Live with it for 7 years !!

My way to country lampshades


Above is the over countryfied lamp shades I did several years ago.  They wouldn’t be so bad if the material was white or cream…but checkered???

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The new modern shades


I bought two inexpensive lamp shade from Walmart.  They were under $5.  Next, I plan on quickly turning them in handmade crystal shades.  How hard could it be???

Want to dress up inexpensive lamp shades? A collection of crystals dress up basic lamp shades. It took several tries to get it to work, but an easy idea worked best. Country Design Style

This was the look I was going for.  A collection of new, vintage, and different shapes of crystals with a broken spindle or two. 😀


It took many tries to get the look!!!  🙄

M~A~N~Y tries!

There was the mason jar ring with 3 cuts and wired.

The wire formed into a ring and tied with twine.

Then the wire was wrapped around each of the shades wires and then tried to form into a ring.

Hot glue spots along the lampshade wires.

Three hours later…I figured it out. 😀

The results


Keep it easy!  Thread thin jewelry wire into the banding around the top.  Let hang to the bottom of the shade.


Add crystals to the wire.  So easy!  My handmade crystal shades!

Broken pieces

Easy trick to add hanging crystals to basic inexpensive lamp shades. Country Design Style

It was so easy…I added a couple of broken spindle pieces too!

You can see the video on how I split spindles and end up the those broken pieces here.


It’s impossible for me with my photography skills to get a good picture with the open windows.  This is the top of the buffet I turned into my blogging desk.


Thank you for stopping by my country!

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  1. chris aka monkey says:

    they are so cute, i always try to follow the kiss method when doing any thing kiss=keep it simple stupid lol xx

    1. Chris, I wish I would learn to start off with the kiss method. I eventually get there but I go around it for awhile! 😕

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