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Tin vase centerpiece with matchy matchy flowers

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Tin Vase with matching flowers upcycle tin cans | Country Design Style |

We struggle through the work day and then rush to get dinner on the table. The idea of a centerpiece is the last thing on our minds. Today I’m sharing a personal story and a simple idea for a centerpiece you might have time for.

For most of my son’s time at home, I was a single mom. Money was hard to come by. I never wanted my son to know about the struggles. It was important to me that he had a happy and comfortable home.

Tin Vase with matchy flowers

Accomplishing this didn’t require a lot of money. Our little duplex had thrift store finds and hand-me-down furniture.  Of course, our home now has thrifty finds and hand-me-down furniture.

Tin Vase with flowers upcycle tin cans | Country Design Style |

I worked hard to stay on budget. We had 5 and 10 dollar weekends. And of course, zero dollar weekends, but he did know those existed. Those weekends we spent at home playing games and eating everything in the fridge.

Can veggies and if the budget allowed “grocery” store flowers were on our weekly shopping list.

Tin Vase with flowers centerpiece upcycle tin cans | Country Design Style |

Back then a bunch of grocery flowers was $4. We started picking the flowers to match our veggie cans. Then use the tin cans for our tin vase leaving the matching label on the cans.

Tin Vase centerpiece upcycle tin cans | Country Design Style |

My son is grown with a beautiful family of his own. He has my gene for creating a beautiful home with little money. Money for our households isn’t as tight, but that doesn’t mean we’re too good for tin vases and matchy-match flowers!

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Now I might have some veggies to eat!!!

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    1. Andrea says

      This is touching for me right now as I just lost my dearest uncle from which I learned that a house becomes a home when you put your heart and hands in it and it isn’t about luxuries but all about love, love for family. Thank you Jeanette and Happy week birthday !!!!!! Enjoy and congratulations !!!!!!

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