Toilet Paper Roll Crafts for All Skill Levels


Unleash your inner artist with these toilet paper roll crafts that cater to all skill levels. Ideas for a beginner or an experienced crafter, you will find inspiration and step-by-step instructions to create beautiful and unique creations.
These crafts will make you think twice before throwing away your empty toilet paper rolls.

Getting creative with toilet paper rolls.

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Seasonal Toilet Paper Roll Crafts


3 toilet paper rolls made into pumpkins

Let’s start with the easiest toilet paper craft there is on the planet! I’m fudging a bit, because we’ll going the use the whole roll of toilet paper. Not just the tube!

But if you have an emergency situration and need a roll, use your pumpkin!

Modern Christmas Tree

Modern farmhouse tree

This one actually takes a paper towel roll or 3 toilet paper rolls tapes together. With the red mattress ticking and the silver ball ornament on top, it’s a perfect combination for the modern farmhouse style.

You will need lots of hot glue for this one.

Almost toilet papered pumpkin

dollar store pumpkin with toilet paper

We take amazing trips in our motorhome and I bring along craft supplies. During an early autumn trip, I grabbed a dollar faux pumpkin to update. But I forgot anything to update it with other than glue. I almost used toilet paper to cover the pumpkin.

Junk Journal Toilet Paper Roll Crafts


This little slider is such a fun project. You can learn the basics and then add to the toilet paper roll slider your favorite junk journal elements and techniques.

Toilet paper roll slider for your junk journals

Watch how to make your own journal slider from a toilet paper roll

I love creating unique tags. This toilet paper roll tag holds a hidden message. Pull the twine to reveal the words.

Folding Toilet Paper Roll Crafts

House Shape Decor

Little house shape made from a toilet paper roll.

I’m rarely bored. I stay busy in my mind creating for designing an idea. When an idea pops up, I can wait to try it. This house shape idea came after several wood house shape decor projects.

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