DIY Lighthouse made with a spindle

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The spindle leg of your table finally breaks after months of several repairs.  You give up and make a DIY lighthouse from the spindle.

The other table pieces…

DIY Lighthouse made with a spindle

that’s for another day.

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This is my second DIY lighthouse.

Broken spindle
This is the spindle after cutting away the broken part with the miter saw.

This lighthouse consists of a broken spindle,

battery candle and insulator

a vintage telephone pole insulator, and a battery candle.

Spindle glued to scrap wood

I glue the bottom of the spindle to a chunk of scrap wood using hot WOOD glue sticks.   Then painted everything with Magnolia’s Shiplap paint.  The same paint used for the craft room cabinets.  {I forgot to take a photo of the gluing but you get the idea}

Next, I use an 80 grit sanding sponge to lightly go over the surface.  This adds wind and water distress.  Lighthouses become distressed from wind and water right?

vintage telephone pole insulator for lighthouse

I flipped on the battery candle and covered it with the insulator.  Done!

I love that insulator!  Clean lines and clear white.

DIY lighthouse

The first DIY lighthouse from a spindle

The first was made years ago again from a broken spindle.  It was back in the days when I sold my DIY home decor.  I made a lighthouse from a broken spindle.  Mike couldn’t quite figure out what it was supposed to be.  He couldn’t see a lighthouse in that broken spindle.

Selling the DIY lighthouse

I took my lighthouse over to my space and proudly displayed it.  I priced it at $20.  Each week when I visited, I dusted the lighthouse and reworked the display.  Then when I return home Mike would always ask, “Did the lighthouse sell?”  No!  we continued this for six weeks.  Then one day I went to bring in more decor…and the lighthouse was gone.  I couldn’t wait to get home and tell Mike.

My suspicions

As I was driving home, I started to suspect that Mike popped in and bought the lighthouse.  He claims he didn’t, but I think someday I’m going to stumble across that lighthouse in an old box tucked away somewhere.

Battery candle for lighthouse light

If I remember correctly, this lighthouse is simpler than the first one.  I might have painted stripes on the first one.

broken table leg lighthouse

Until I find it, I made another lighthouse.

I don’t think anyone would pay $20 for it, including Mike!

Got any ideas for a round table top?

10 Things to do with a Broken Spindle

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