Kitchen Scraps

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The kitchen area of any thrift store across the US has a bin of wooden utensils.  While cheap, most I would want to use for cooking.  But I found another use for these kitchen scraps.

Painted wooden kitchen utensils

The idea for Kitchen Scraps came to me months ago when I was in the middle of making something to hide our ugly cable box.  You can see and read about how to hide the cable box here.

Look similar??

I bought the wooden kitchen utensils at our local thrift store, then got busy putting the idea in action.

I did take every bit of the fifteen minutes to put this one together.

wood kitchen scrap utensils laid out

I grabbed a board from the ever-growing wood pile 🙂 and arranged the wood utensils in a pattern I like.  I liked the utensils to hang over on each side better than fitting the board.

Then took a picture so I could remember the pattern!

I spent a whopping $1.50 for that wooden spoon, but it came with the fork.  The others were 25 cents apiece.  I drilled two teensy holes into the handles of each piece.  Then a bead of wood glue and tapping in small nails holds the creation together.  Use needle nose pliers to hold the nail.  Saves whacking your fingers!

Painted white on wood board.

Next, I coated everything with creamy white paint.  I used a small artist brush to get the paint into some of the grooves.  I painted it on thick.  Which is hard for me because I paint with a light hand.

Do you paint heavy or light?

After the paint dried, I touch some areas with an antique white for more definition.  Then when that dried I lightly sanded the high areas for even more definition.

Wood paint utensils on board with vintage drawer pull

Then I added a glass handle.  I found the glass handle years ago at an antique shop for $6 and never used it.  I didn’t stay with my thrift shop purchase with the handle but I liked it better than any others.  So, I hope you allow me this one. 🙂

Although it would be cute with a black painted handle!

I love the glass knobs painted black on this Pottery Barn inspired dresser.

Handing utensils with vintage drawer pull

I hung it above my sink with a bar rag handy for my messes.

My kitchen scrap, or handy art!

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    1. It would be awesome painted in different bright colors! My mom wants one in red. 🙂 Thanks for visiting. ~Jeanette

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