Workshop Series 6 Cement, can I have a pond too?

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Workshop Series 6 SQWorkshop Series 6 Cement, can I have a pond too?

This one was a ton of work!!

Unfortunately it was soooo much work I didn’t get many pictures.

So if you have a need to see pictures just check the Workshop Series Part 5 Storage.

Workshop Series 6 Country Design StyleIt was raining the day I took this.

But here is the problem that heavy cement solved.

The two worktables on wheels would be hard to get over the 4 inch drop.

Great idea! Lightbulb

Build a cement ramp!

And…to cover the ugly edge of the workshop…extend the cement to include to square areas for potted plants.

Feeling my back already!

Did you know cement comes in 80 lb bags??

Found that out after loading 12 80 lb bags into the back of the truck, argh!

I haven’t spend much time working with cement…and now I know why.  The joke of the project was Mike and I mixed the cement in our rubber boots.  Wouldn’t it be easier to mix in a wheelbarrow?

I scrounged up leftover 2 x 4’s from the worktables and made frames.

Workshop Series 6 Country Design StyleThis picture shows the ramp dry and the squares for potted plants still wet.

You may notice some lines on the left side of the ramp.

Looking closer it’s a large N with a smaller M on top.

Workshop Series 6 Country Design StyleThis is a “logo” I designed to represent me and “my guy”. It can be found all over “the cabin” in many different forms.

Something fun anyone can do to express your relationship and love…ahhhh!Heart Country Design style

Enough of the sappy stuff…now back to cement.

Two important tools for forming cement…gloves and this handy cement edger {gives a “professional” look}.

Workshop Series 6 Country Design Style

And now…voila!

Workshop Series 6 Country Design StyleHere the cement ramp and squares are done…now for a massage *rubbing my aching back*

Hey, I didn’t get that cement pond!

Decorative Item 1

Couldn’t squeeze a pond out of the $300 budget

Primer and Paint $60

PVC $22 {had paint and primer for the PVC}

That ugly orange outdoor electrical cord $17

Old jewelry box $6

Flexible metal electrical tubing one foot .80¢

Electrical cord and light kit for hanging funnel light $4

Ruler $3 {cause I did scrounge decorating and used the wood I had…even reused nails and screws}

Canning Jars $30

Spice Rack with wooden drawers found at antique store $30

12 Bags of 80 bl Cement $40

Cement Color $26

That great edging tool $9

Cement Gloves $5

2 Expansion Strips for between shed and cement ramp and square planters $6

Left in my back pocket $ 41.20 Note: I have been rounding up {cept for the .80¢ flexible metal electrical tubing cause it’s so cute and under a dollar}.

Scrol 2 CDS

Only 2 Parts left of the Workshop Series and up next is Workshop Series 7 Small Touches.

Just in case you haven’t heard…my little workshop is 6′ x 8′!!!

Since this post we have also added a rock patio in front of the workshop you can see here at our yard after.

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