Buyers Remorse Repurposed

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Buyers-remorse-repurposed-country-design-style-sqHave you ever bought something, dragged it home and later wondered why did I buy this!

I get buyers remorse and but then find a way to repurpose it.  Here’s two buyers remorse furniture pieces.

Buyers remorse repurposed!

Buyers-remorse-repurposed-country-design-styleThe two pieces above are from the same piece.  A great vintage hutch that had incredible spindle legs.

Except two legs were broken and it sit at a 45 degree angle!

I bought it for $50 at a yard sale back when I made and remade furniture on the central coast of California, way before blogging!

The legs were beyond repair.  So I cut them off and made several candle holders to sell at local shops.  More than doubled my money!

Woot, woot!  No buyers remorse yet!

Now I could and should have sold the other pieces, but I loved them!

But what to do with them??

Over the years the top sit on the very top shelf of our closet and the boxy piece sit in the dining room or guest rooms.  With the different placements they ended up two different colors.

Buyers-remorse-repurposed-country-design-style-2Finally I moved the bottom piece to the entry and put the top back.  Then painted both to again match.  This piece now greets guest at the front door.

And I finally love the two together!

Why didn’t I do that years ago???

Added-shelf-with-slidesThe piece above on the left I ordered from Ballard.  It’s called a bill payer and has wheels to easily move around.  At the time I bought the piece I was not blogging and only used my computer to check email or watch a movie.

Perfect for about 3 months!

By the time this photo was taken I was blogging.  So in came the extra file box to hold stuff, camera, magazines, files with ideas.  It became a mess!

Now I blog at my repurposed desk!

Buyers-remorse-repurposed-country-design-style-3And the bill payer is now a liquor cabinet!  Perfect!  I removed the drawer slides to use at my repurposed desk and the wood shelf sits below waiting to be pulled out an used as a tray.  The drawers now hold extra liquor bottles, napkins, wine glass tags, bar tools and a great little book of mixing drinks.

Buyers remorse repurposed!

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