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Have you tried using hot glue on wood?  Doesn’t work…right?  There are wood glue sticks!  I’m sharing hot wood glue tips. Hot Wood Glue Tips | Country Design Style Feature |

Yep, that’s hot WOOD glue.

Today I’m sharing tips and tricks to using hot glue for your woodworking projects…

and when NOT to use it.

Doesn’t it seem there are as many types of glues as applications for using glue?

Before we get into hot wood glue, I would like to take a moment to for regular wood glues.  When applied well a quality wood glue will make a stronger bond than the wood itself.

Broken pieces mend stronger!

Wood glue works best on a smooth surface, with a consistent application, and even pressure while drying.  Have you ever washed a couple of frame glasses and placed them on top of each other while wet?  They stick together like glue…like wood glue.

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Now about the hot wood glue tips

  1.  My first tip is when not to use hot wood glue.  Almost all your typical joints!   Yep, if you’re building a simple bookcase…keep your glue gun in the toolbox!
  2.  Fire up the glue gun if you’re adding backing to your bookcase.  I’ve used large pieces of plywood or hardboard for the back of bookcases and cabinets.  Hot wood glue can help hold the back in place when working by yourself.  When the back is in place I would still add a few nails.  So, use hot wood glue to hold until you get the nails in. 😕
  3.  Hot wood glue also helps when adding strips of wood on the inside of the bookcase.  I added strips of lattice wood to the back of this bookcase for a planked look.  The hot wood glue made it a breeze.
  4.  When added small trim to projects hot glue comes in handy.  Note:  Hot wood glues only holds wood to wood.  It will now glue your wood trim to an already painted wood.
  5.  When you need wood to set up without moving while the regular wood glue dries.  Quality wood glue can take up to 30  minutes to set.  The addition of hot wood glue between the regular wood glue is helpful when nailing it’s handy or an option.
  6.  Hot wood glue is handy during the design process.  Use the hot wood glue to add metal or larger trim to see if it in the correct location.  Then easily remove it if any adjustments are needed.
  7.  You can buy hot wood glue online here on Amazon.  Hot wood glue works in any high temp hot glue gun.
  8.  If you’ve ever tried using regular hot glue on wood, you realize most of the time, it doesn’t work.  When hot glue fails you find yourself picking a glob of hard dried glue from the project.  This can happen with the hot wood glue if the glue is not hot enough to melt into a stream of liquid.
  9.  When the hot wood glue is hot to stream into a liquid, you need to work quickly.  The work time is from 1 to about 20  seconds.
  10.  Hot wood glue is HOT!  Use it with caution.  Please click here to read my hot glue tips along with more tips from our readers. 

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Ridiculous tidbit.  Once I was working in the workshop and hot wood glued a red brick to a piece of wood.  Now in my pre-senior years, I can’t remember why I glued the red brick to that piece of wood.  I imagine I had a great reason, like using it as a jig or a weight.  But what I do remember is I could never get the red brick to unstick from that piece of wood.  To this day, I’m sure the red brick and piece of wood are stuck together.  I’m telling you this tidbit so you will give my hot wood glue tips a try.

If you’ve used hot wood glue before let me know if I missed a hot wood glue tip.  Our readers appreciate tips.

If you haven’t will you give it a try??

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