Furniture Makeover Storage

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It’s furniture makeover time!  My favorite time each month, because the inspiration of this creative group is incredible!

I’m so privileged to be with such talent this month.
Ugh!  My planned furniture makeover that was going to be perfect for this category isn’t done.  Eek!
So what does a DIYer do?  Creative another piece that’s super easy and planked!


Furniture Makeover Storage

furniture-makeover-storage |

This is furniture makeover and not storage makeover!  This ugly cabinet sits in our garage and holds the yucky paint.  Yucky paint is spray paint, stains, and regular paints.  Chalk-based paints and craft paints, I  store in my craft room.

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I bought 10 thin lattice wood strips for $1 each with a plan to plank the back.  Eight strips held together with painters tape and cut eight at a time.

furniture-makeover-storage | countrydesignstyle.com3

I finished in 10 minutes using hot WOOD glue.  Yep, you can find hot wood glue in most home improvement stores.  Tip:  Apply the hot glue in small dollops instead of a long line of glue.

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When I was finished I noticed two boards were milled and then applied with a mirror effect.

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Now for paint.  I have a bucket o’paint that I dump any small amounts of leftover “whitish” paint.  Another tip:  When painting bookcases use a small handled paintbrush.  They are easier to get into the corners and between the shelves.

The cabinet got a fresh coat of paint and the back planking dry brushed with the white.

furniture-makeover-storage | countrydesignstyle.com6

I decided to plank the top and take out the dated curved edges.  Again I used the hot wood glue.

furniture-makeover-storage | countrydesignstyle.com7

I added extra strips along the top and side edges.  No more curves!  I had to take a picture of the cabinet dressed in knick knacks.  I just grabbed what I could find.

Furniture makeover of garage storage cabinet with added easy planking and fresh coat of paint. Dry brushing on planking. |

Furniture makeover of garage storage cabinet with added easy planking and fresh coat of paint. Dry brushing on planking. |

Now it’s back to yucky paint storage!

furniture-makeover-storage | countrydesignstyle.comsq

I’m on a mission to find a bookcase for inside the house to plank!

furniture-makeover-storage | countrydesignstyle.comfpol - Right

I think I could plank a tall bookcase in 20 minutes!

Now it’s time to join me and visit these inspiring storage makeovers.

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    1. Breanna, I found this hot glue for wood at our True Value. I usually order it from wood speciality stores.

  1. This piece definitely needs to be upgraded to something other than paint storage now that you’ve given it a new look. I’m going to check out a hot glue gun for wood. That will be handy!

  2. How have I never heard of hot glue for wood?! I definitely need to try that. Love your definition of yucky and non-yucky paint too :). Your cabinet looks so much better with the pretty planks!

    1. Hot wood glue has been around but usually at wood specialty stores. I found this at True Value. It’s shorter sticks than what I used to order by phone…way before internet ordering. 🙂

  3. Amy @ Highstyle Restyle says:

    Oh my word! There is hot glue for wood?! Totally gotta check that out now! Thanks so much for the tip! And adding those planks to the storage really made it into rustic deliciousness! I understand why you’d want it in the house. 🙂

    1. Hi Lindsay. Yep, wood glue has been around for awhile but you had to get it from a woodworking supply source. I used to order it way back before ordering on the internet! I actually had to use the phone to order. I did find this at True Value.

  4. Wow! I always learn new tricks from you! I had no idea there was a hot glue for wood. Resurfacing your shelf top was a super idea. I can think of so many different applications to use this on:) Good last minute save:)

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