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Today the website is being taken over by readers.  Two readers.  They both designed their projects and took photos to share with us all.

I’m putting my feet up and planning the next series to watch on Netflix.  Mike and I finally finished watching all 155 episodes of West Wing.  You know you’re addicted when Netflix pops up and asks if you’re still watching.

Yes, we’re watching…give us more!

Watching TV is the perfect time to do simpler DIY tasks.  Cutting out leaves, gluing small bits and pieces in place, or painting small items.  Nothing too big.

You don’t want to get paint in the popcorn!

Readers Projects

door 3

This is the entry area of our first readers home.  She removed the doors to the closet.   Then plans to make the hollow core door look like a barn door.  She writes, “my house is really tiny and all my furniture is/was dark.”  “I’m in this huge project of painting lighter all my furniture and doors are included.”

door 2

Would you believe this is the hollow core door in the picture above?  She painted it white and then used a black sharpie to make lines to look like boards.  Very creative.

Door 1

This is the finished entry.  Boards were added to the hollow core door for more of a barn door look.  The closet was painted white and she added hooks and used the shelf for seating.  Love the pop of red.

Our creative reader said, “I will keep posting here my projects if you allow me to ?. ”

Yes!!!  We want to see more!


Next are two fantastic wreaths from a reader way up north.  This was made by cutting leaves from an old unusable book.  Simple and stunning.  This type of project is perfect for me to keep busy while watching TV in the evenings.  A few of these leaves in the popcorn won’t hurt anything!


This adorable wreath was made during our Design Workshop last month.  Wreaths are great DIY project to make personal.  This one has greens and reds with a special little bird.  And that iron door…..A~M~A~Z~I~N~G!

Each month readers and I hang out online and create.  This is open to all subscribers.  If you would like to subscribe click here or fill out the box below.  I’ll see you online!

You can bring popcorn too!

Do you have a project you’ll like to share?  Click here to send me the details and up to 3 photos.

I’m so blessed to have such talented readers. 🙂

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  1. Hi, the first proyect is mine, did you see ” the holiday” movie where Kate Winslet lives in beautiful english cottage? Well those iron holders were made by my blacksmith after I saw that movie LOL , this aren’t exactly the same but that’ s where the idea came from , I’m the kind of person who looks for all those little tiny pretty decoration details while is “watching” a movie, my husband ask if I actually see the movies or just all the things around.
    In fact some things are not done yet as the sitting cushion. I made this red and white rag quilt for christmas and is just folded to fit in, but my abilities as quilter are reduce to what I have been learning in you tube , pretty basic stuff ? .
    Thank you very much Jeanette for sharing, I love this blog ❤️

  2. The first post has a beautiful rag quilt! Did she make it herself? I love the ideas with the doors – so Ingenious!
    I really like the book page leaves on the grapevine wreath! Gives me a bunch of ideas that I hope to try. For some reason the photos are sideways and upside down on my iPad, but they still look great, lol!
    Thank you for giving us readers a way to show off creations without the hassle of a blog!

    1. Andi, I’m asking her about the quilt and will let you know. I admire the talents of quilters. Funny about the images. When I loaded them into the website they were on the sides or upside down. The editor lets me place them upright but it must not work on tablets. Humm! Hassle of a blog??? What hassle??? Ugh! You’re very welcome. I hope was that the website be a showcase for all our creativity.

  3. I love both of these designers ideas. Can you please ask the first designer where she purchase the iron/metal holders for her hand rails. I know, why would I notice this? LOL. I did and now I am in love with the idea. Sorry if you get this twice. It rejected it the first time.

    1. Tracy isn’t it funny what catches our eye. I didn’t even notice them and I usually note those things. I’m asking her about the stair rail brackets. If you google stair rail brackets antiques you can find similar brackets. It did make we look at ours and ours aren’t as cool.

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