Three fast pumpkin ideas and one a bit harder!

If fall is approaching faster than you can find a pumpkin to carve, try these three fast pumpkin ideas instead.

buffalo check, burlap, yarn, velveteen pumpkins

My favorite took a total of 5 seconds.

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Velveteen Pumpkin

Let’s start with a dollar store pumpkin. This little velveteen pumpkin had an ugly plastic stem. I removed the stem and made a super easy stem using twine and mod podge. A few pieces of twine painted green with Chalkology paste makes terrific tendrils.  

I used a part of a Chalk Couture transfer to add “October” lettering to the pumpkin. 

You can watch the recorded live video with the velveteen pumpkin here.

Hoop Pumpkin

buffalo check pumpkin

The official fall pattern, buffalo check makes the next pumpkin. 


Embroidery hoop in any size {I use a big 18 inch round hoop}

Enough buffalo check to fill the circle

A pumpkin stem from last years real pumpkin {or create a larger stem with twine and mod podge if you didn’t keep the real stem from last year!} You will keep your stems from this year’s pumpkins, right?


The steps

Insert the fabric in the hoop.

Hot glue the stem on the top.

Tie raffia around the stem.


burlap pumpkin

The harder pumpkin is the smallest. What makes this pumpkin the hardest of the four pumpkins to make? It didn’t take 3 minutes, it took 6. Plus burlap doesn’t stretch. Hummm…stretching burlap!

Burlap pumpkin, the harder one


  • A Piece of burlap – 10 inches by 20 inches long
  • A long upholstery needle {mine is 8 inches}
  • Twine
  • fiberfill
  • white craft glue

The steps are in the video above. There are at least five minutes of adjusting the twine and burlap to look just right. 

How to make a pumpkin using yarn in five seconds

One second removed the label.

yarn pumpkin

Two, push down on the skein.

Three, stick in a clothespin.

Four, add a little leaf.

Five, done!

buffalo check, burlap, velvet, and yarn pumpkins

Now that your three fast pumpkin ideas are done, what will you find to do this weekend?

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