Unique Pumpkin Displays

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Unique Pumpkin Displays I put together for fall and Halloween.  I like to think a bit out of the box, so hold onto your witches hat. 

orange pumpkin with fire carved and sitting in fake fireplace.

Pumpkin fire!  I made a faux mantel and painted the firebox with chalkboard paint.  The scrap wood mantel leads to some unique ideas any time of the year.

Wooden crate filled with white pumpkins

Cheat box.  Cheat because it only looks full of pumpkins.  There is a cardboard box inside.

Orange metal toy truck filled with white pumpkins

Bring in the pumpkins by the truckload!  Fill old toy trucks, wagons or sleds with small pumpkins.

White pumpkin sitting in black chair

Pull up a seat and cop a squat Mr. Pumpkin.  Sit a pumpkin in a child’s chair.  The chair is an old booster that folds flat.  I bought it in Ponca City, my hometown on my last visit.

Cream pumpkin with brown pine cone stem.

Is it a pine cone pumpkin or a pumpkin pine cone?  Whatever it is, I do love the brown and cream colors together.

Glass pumpkin filled with white scrap wood pieces.

I filled a glass pumpkin with something unique instead of the expected Halloween candy.  Pieces of white-painted scrap trim and wood.  But the candy is more fun to eat.

I’m hungry!!

More ideas for unique pumpkin displays

  • Give a pumpkin a lift by sitting them on candle holders.
  • Pumpkin carved with a small pumpkin in its mouth.
  • Pile of pumpkins tumbling down the stairs or out of the fireplace.
  • Pumpkins stacked like a topiary.
  • Pumpkin with a favorite sports team hat.
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