Hocus Pocus Book

If you don’t decorate for Halloween and have few or no trick or treaters, you’re still going to what to make this Hocus Pocus book.

It’s super easy and messy to make. Perfect if you do have little ones around too!

My sweet blogging friend, Gina at the Shabby Creek Cottage first created this, and I had to try one.

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Book disclosure

My old book disclaimer! I had reservations about using old books for crafts. We have 3 boxes of books gathered over the years that were bought at yard sales and thrift shops stored in the garage. Most were not in good shape when I bought them. Many were green and blue for decorating a bookcase. The more tattered and torn the better. We’ve moved the books several times, but for the many years, they sit in storage. I had to get rid of some due to mold…yuck. But now that I’ve found some creative ways to reuse them, I feel we can love them all over again in their new life.

Here are the supplies to make your book

  • Any hardcover book
  • Mod Podge
  • Black craft paint
  • Two paintbrushes
  • Plastic critters {I got mine at our Dollar Tree}
  • Two full-size pieces of Viva paper towels or another white paper towel without patterns.
  • Any small Halloween transfer. I used this one
  • Chalkology paste fresh linen
  • Chalkology paste copper
  • Mini Squeegee
  • Spray bottle of water

The steps for hocus pocus book

Coat the front and spine well with mod podge. Stick three critter into the glue, leaving room for the title. Spray one paper towel well with water and place over the book, critters, and glue. The water causes the paper towel to wrinkle. Wrinkles are a good thing for this project. Push the sheet into the gooey paste and around the critters. Tear the paper towel edges for a shabby look.

Open the front cover and add more mod podge along the edges and about an inch inside the cover. Wrap the paper towel inside. Check the top and bottom binding to make sure the paper covers well.

Do the same with the back cover, except for adding critters. Then, add another thick coat of mod podge. Told you it would be messy!
Stand the book upright and flip through the page while spraying with water. The water makes the paper stiff and old looking.

Let dry.

Paint the cover with black craft paint. Again, it’s okay to be messy. Paint quickly. In the video, I sped up the action, but I still moved quick.

Let dry.

Apply the Chalk Couture

Fuzz the transfer and apply to the flat area on the cover. Use the squeegee to push the paste to the surface of the book. Lift the transfer and place in water until you’re ready to clean.

Click to learn more of the basic to Chalk Couture.

Apply the copper to your fingertips and rub over the high areas of the critter and folds of the paper towel. Do the same to the spine and back. Rub a little over the edge of the pages. I also added a little black to the pages.

The Hocus Pocus book is a Halloween project I’ll display for years, kids around or not!

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