Farmhouse art using drop cloth

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Farmhouse art sign on drop cloth fp | Country Design Style |

There are so many things to do with a drop cloth.  Least of all…protecting surfaces while painting!!!

Haven’t tried a drop cloth project yet??  You will be searching the aisles at Home Depot for this great fabric this weekend.

Please pardon the a.  I did the lettering rather fast.

Farmhouse Art using Drop Cloth

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If you’re a visual learner this video above will help.  Otherwise, keep reading for the written instructions.

But do take a second see how fast I went!!

Farmhouse art sign on drop cloth sq | Country Design Style |


A piece of quarter-inch plywood the size of your sign
Enough lattice wood to go around the edges of the plywood
A cut out of drop cloth 1/2 inch to 1-inch smaller than your plywood
A printout of your lettering
Transfer paper
Miter box or saw
2 Black markers, one fine, and one regular tip
Clamps or just a heavyweight
Quality wood glue

The steps

First cut two pieces of lattice would the height of your plywood.

Then cut two pieces of lattice the width of your plywood that fits between the gap.  Set the wood aside.

Lay the drop cloth on your work surface.  Cover with the transfer paper, top with your lettering print out.  You can use a bit of tape to keep things from moving.

Use a pencil to outline your lettering. Use firm pressure.  Peak occasionally!

Next using the fine tip marker outline the lettering.  Use the regular tip marker to fill-in.

Now to put pieces together

Add wood glue around the edges of the dropcloth.  Center and smoothed over the plywood.  Next glue the side pieces of wood.  Then glue the top and bottom pieces and fit in snuggly.


Farmhouse art sign on drop cloth | Country Design Style |

Additional info

My farmhouse art using drop cloth is small and will lean on the mantel and on our table for Thanksgiving.  But if you wish to hang your sign add a sawtooth hanger on the back.

I left my wood rustic.  But you could paint your wood to match your decor.  Tip:  Paint the wood before applying to the plywood.

Don’t worry about a messed up letter it’s handmade!!

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My grateful for Home Depot. 🙂

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