May you never clean cheap paint brushes again

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Cheap paint brushes

Cheap Paint Brushes Bouquet main soft | Country Design Style |

You spend the day working on DIY projects and now you’re faced with cleaning paint brushes.  Ugh!  After this simple idea, you will be decorating with those cheap paint brushes instead of wasting time cleaning them.  Plus you’ll save your manicure!

Don’t try this with your “good” paint brushes.  I have a few “quality” brushes that I’ve used for several years.  Those I clean right away with shampoo and conditioner.

But those chip brushes, dollar store brushes and any found at yard sales and thrift stores are perfect.

Cheap Paint Brushes

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Cheap Paint Brushes Bouquet Pin 2 | Country Design Style |

If you’re a regular reader you might have seen the cheap paint brushes gathered in a mason jar.  I made six homemade chalk based paints using six different powders.  Then I tested the paints on six different home decor items…and didn’t clean a paint brush!

Cheap Paint Brushes | Country Design Style |

At first, I just let the paint dry on the brush.  Not the look I was going for.  The bristles were hard.  I wanted a soft look, especially since most of the paint I used was tinted in soft colors.  Some of the paint was craft paints.

I created a “speedy” video to show how I created a soft look to my paint left on the bristles.

Cheap Paint Brushes Bouquet main | Country Design Style |

Then I gathered up the paint brushes in a jar.

I’m planning a ladies lunch DIY paint party and the cheap paint brushes will be a perfect decoration.

Pin this idea to remember for the holidays too.  

  • When we’re creating fall decor in oranges, yellows. and browns, add the cheap paint brushes to a wicker basket.
  • Hang soft bristle brushes in your Christmas colors across the mantel.
  • Red, white and blue bristles for all the national holidays.

Cheap Paint Brushes Bouquet Pin 1 | Country Design Style |

Now I have a “good” brush to clean.  Ugh!  Good thing I never have a good manicure. :/

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